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Lacey Chabert as Ms. Lorne
David Mazouz as Steven
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Stenson
Lou Diamond Phillips as James Silo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tiskec 7 / 10

Why Such Low Opinions?

I don't think this movie is half as bad as the rating seems to conclude. Yes, it is your typical anthology horror, but there's at least one common thing about all the stories it tells. All the stories are related to that of the mental patients, and how they got to the looney bin in the first place. So I give it credit for staying on track.

This may sound weird, but this film had a fairy-tale affect on me. All of the horror stories gave me that sense for some reason. Each story had it's own horror characters and beasts (A huge demon disguised as this massive looking man and dolls that get into this guys head and eventually come to life). The characters kind of play a part in that feeling as well. It's actually very unique in a way, and keeps your attention.

The movie will go through all of the patients stories, and reveal how they all got messed up in the head. In one of them, for example, the "huge" demon I mentioned before appears to help a little boy who is getting sexually abused by his father. The demon appears and whoops the sh*t out of him. Good, at least that's what I said. This is another reason to associate the fairy tale aura, it's like the demon is his protector and came to rescue him.

Me personally, I don't think this movie is as bad as people have rated it, although everyone is different. I say it's one of those movies you have to watch in order to see if you like it or not, you just can't go off of others opinions on this particular flick. The acting wasn't bad, but not super good either. The script was okay and the dialog was alright. Like I said, watch at your own leisure.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Cut into three pieces

I had no idea this was an anthology, before I watched it, but it makes sense. It's also very obvious, after the first segment is over 30 minutes into the movie. Although I was wondering right before that end, where the "movie" was going to go ... the story of seemed over, so I was kind of intrigued. Turns out that particular story was over.

The segments themselves are pretty decent, with a lot of star power behind them (or at least actors some might recognize). Not sure if Lou Diamond Phillips is on anyones radar the past decade or so. It's nice seeing him and other faces though and they're doing a good job, which is needed to keep this from falling apart. Apart from the main location (it's in the title), you could make another connection between the segments ... it's a bit of a "conspiracy" so to speak, but if you connect the dots ...

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 6 / 10

This one will fool you... You will need to have a little patience. The beginning is NOTHING like the end. Rewatchability: Moderate Blu-ray: Good A:8 V:8

Heh, I have to admit right off that about 30 minutes into the film I'm sitting here TOTALLY mystified, trying to piece together how this little boy ties into the old artist who makes dolls... Seriously, I'm straining my brain trying to figure out what the HELL is the connection. And then, get this... It wasn't until AFTER I see Lou Diamond Phillips walking around speaking into a recorder that I ***FINALLY*** realized that I was watching a bloody Anthology! What a total PUTZ...! Then I remembered that a while ago I had indeed read about the film, but by the time I watched it, I have totally forgotten that it was an Anthology.

Well... if THAT doesn't inspire heartfelt confidence in my thoughts and impressions, I don't know what will...? : )

Anyway... Truly, what a different film. Just like I say in my Summary, at the beginning you are expecting a COMPLETELY different type of movie. At first, you get a kind of a 'PUPPET MASTER' vibe; and even the soundtrack is somewhat reminiscent of the Full Moon films. So, I'm going along trying to get into it; the movie is moving kind of slow. But ultimately it was pretty decent.

The 2nd segment was okay; it was well done, but it just wasn't really my favourite. Just ONE thing... And, this shouldn't give anything away. BUT... What the HELL was the deal at the end of that segment, when the guy writing the article had this EXTREMELY sudden and abrupt impulse, like he just realized something shocking, where he goes running all excited to go look in the room...??? What the hell got him all worked up anyway? I must've missed that, but it DID give the end of that segment a bit of a mysterious feel. I'll have to go onto the message boards and see if anyone discusses that.

As many here have said, the 3rd segment is the weightiest and it is done VERY well. Lou diamond Phillips' acting is quite good, since of course he pretty much has to carry the entire segment. I wanted to note too that the soundtrack for the last segment is especially good; the continuous melody in the background REALLY lends itself to the poignant events happening on the screen.

I pretty much agree with Matix JC's review (not so much his Summary title, but more the actual content of his review) Despite his very negative sounding Summary, he did end up rating the film a '7', which is pretty decent, and I personally agree, but I rated it a '6' to be more objective for others. As he says, there IS merit to the other segments too, but mainly the last one is by far the best part. With this film, I think that it is important to go into it 1) Unlike me, REALIZING that it IS an Anthology. That way you will expect the change of stories. 2) Don't be expecting TOO much, particularly of the 1st segment. Because, you could very EASILY allow it to overshadow your opinion of the rest of the film. So, you need to be patient and go with it until the last segment. 3) FWIW, make sure that you watch a little bit through the end credits because there is a little teaser after it, which gives it a nice little slant that makes you think...

Although this isn't one of my favourite Horror films, I believe I understand what the deal is with this movie and why some people don't like it... You see a number of reviews (quite repetitively) saying 'Boring...' 'Boring drivel...', 'BORING Slogfest!', etc... And, I think I can understand why. If you go into this movie expecting it to be a full blown Horror film, you WILL indeed be very disappointed. I think Matix JC also mentions that in his review. This has a few brief Horror elements in it, but mainly like he had said it is a Psychological Thriller with strong Dramatic elements. So, I can see why a LOT of people would think that it IS boring drivel and a waste of time. One guy said that being an Anthology, he was expecting something like 'CREEPSHOW' or 'TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE', but this film is nothing like that.

What I feel might help you determine whether you would enjoy this movie or not, would be, first, whether you even enjoy Anthologies at all. Some people don't. And then a close second would be whether you enjoy 'Horror films' where the emphasis is not really on Horror, but more so about the stories, the characters, and in this case, an overall theme of Sanity, since the stories are set in a Sanitarium. If you are the kind of person who can be patient with movies, especially low-key Horror films that are a bit on the slow side at the beginning, and you can do without a lot of Action, Gore, or Sadism, THEN you might have a decent chance of enjoying this film. Because by the time you get through the whole movie, and hopefully get drawn in by the emotional weight and intensity of the last segment, I think you may appreciate the film as a whole better.

I hope this helps...

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