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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stunt-797-75665 1 / 10

Better to watch a dirty sink instead than this

First thing I sense and think that a movie will be bad is faces of actors and things they talk etc. Here I see Justin Bieber and I know what follows... Fake cool-dude useless dialogs and... laugh. When they laugh loudly at the beginning I know a film is disaster. I had to fast forward. No real story here, no arc, no script, no plot, no character development. Wooden dialogues and water. No but thanks. I'm out of here. Jaws are still a role model for water movies. Thanks Steven-like in Allen's case you made your first movies classics. Later on just no.

Reviewed by eric262003 5 / 10

There's No Need For 3-D

"Sanctum" is a fearful adventure tale executed in very convoluted fashion. There are some levels of intensity and excitement and the ending has some heftiness to it, but all of it is plagued by the misused effects of 3-D. The film is being stapled as a "James Cameron Production", but since Cameron doesn't have a lot of creative control we know that fewer flaws would've occurred in this film if Cameron was in the director's chair and the 3-D would've been put to better use.

Based off off actual events, a group of explorers embark on a journey to the Esa-ala caverns of Papua New Guinea in which claims to be the largest cave system on the planet. Their mission is to rediscover the once seen route and to reach a "base camp" beneath the lower depths for the purpose of how surface water could drain into the caverns finding its way into the sea.

There's really no necessity in exploring these caves, but the team leader Frank (Richard Roxbergh) explains to his son Josh (played by Rhys Wakefield) that this cave is the key to living and that anything that is not submerged is meaningless and that human eyes contact has never been opened up to a world like this one.

After the first few minutes of utter nonsense, the team goes right into the cave system and that trouble is only an eyelash away. They go through some dangerous climbing and life-threatening dives, making me wonder what was going on, where are they and why are they going to such great lengths to explore this cave system?

When it comes to overwhelming film continuity, "Sanctum" takes the cake. Never once does the film pinpoint the locality of the cave let alone a clear picture of what the cave space looks like. At least in Cameron's "Titanic", the animated features give us a better indicator of how the might ship sank. At least we knew the events that lead during the scary final hours. Here we do see an animated sequence of partial areas of the cave, but everything is only seen briefly and never gives us any time to indulge in the bigger picture leaving us with empty knowledge of the cavern itself.

"Sanctum" didn't need to be shot in 3-D. The spaces were extremely claustrophobic, the lighting was quite low and the atmosphere looks dimmer than it should have been. The only lighting were get are from battery dependent headlamps and the characters seem to in a world of darkness so why wear the glasses?

The illusion of depth is the primary purpose of when you use 3-D. For that to be done, we must prevent the forth wall like we're touching it. Like in "Jaws 3-D", when the shark was on the prowl, the body just touches the screen and the 3-D effect was null and void. The eel attack was quite creepy.

Cinematographer Jules O'Loughlin's 3-D effects touches the screen continuously, The framing consists of indistinct blocks of stones and such. And then I ask myself, why are the closer objects less distinct? Sure there are plenty of closeups but they wear out their welcome pretty fast when shown in 3-D.

In the editing, we get very little in terms of how the actions of one character coincides with the other. There's a part where one of the characters gets in trouble underwater and we get nothing to explain what happened and why other than to distract us and confuse us. Three team members follow what's happening via computer monitor. And all we get are their reactions and nothing more. But where do they their information from?

The closing scenes determines in ruthless fashion of who survives in this journey and who's left to die which includes Frank and Josh which is long but it's effective in detail and not necessarily for the sake of 3-D. I hope when people see "Sanctum" they don't assume it's a James Cameron 3-D dependable film. In fact "Sanctum" might deter the reputation of Cameron and 3-D itself

Reviewed by ICanNeverThinkOfAGoodUsername 1 / 10

Literally no point to this film!

It should be the case that anyone can watch any film and like that film. So, although this film is about caves - anyone who watches it should like it within reason. This film creates a lot of background information which simply bored me, maybe it was because I'm not into caves...

There's simply too many characters in this film. That is the first problem. I understand that there is a man and he has a child. But that's about it. I don't understand the need to have so many random characters. I didn't understand who was dying and when.

As the storyline unfolds... You're not interested in what is going to happen next. You don't feel attached to the character, it's like you don't care. You can tell the producers tried hard with the film. The acting is good and the camera work is good. The issue is the plot.

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