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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 2586


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Billy Zane as King Balek
Rutger Hauer as Manoah
Brandon Auret as Ashdod
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jahshammah 2 / 10


Seriously, anyone who rates this movie over a 4 either works for Pure Flix or is trying to be funny. The acting was poor, scenes were choppy, and way too many liberties taken with the biblical storyline. As a writer, I was saddened that this was even made into a film, how they could find someone to invest is beyond me. I'm sure the writers were hoping they had a hit, but somebody should have been honest with them. And for Pure Flix to add their name to it, just shows they get it wrong more than they get it right. The fact Christians didnt support it at the box office is telling. Don't waste your money or your time. And for those who gave it high marks on here, well you know where liars end up.

Reviewed by finesherry 7 / 10

Oh come on, it was not that bad.

Ok, it is no Cecil B Demille epic and there are no Oscar winning performances. But it was engaging enough, and it did hold my interest, and entertaining enough. To tell the truth only watched it because the bloke out of those British Vanquis credit card adverts was in it. If you can get passed that it is made on a budget obviously, you might enjoy it, give it a try though. Actually, I am going to watch it again. Watched it on the pc first time round, now going to watch it on our 50 inch tv for a better experience.

Well got round to watching it on our bigscreen tv, and I still think it is good, not brilliant, but good. Put it this way, I gauge how interesting a film is by if I go to the toilet while watching it, if I am bursting and hold off going till the end of the film, that means the film was good to me, I needed to go desperately, but held off, because the film had me hooked. Oh and I have upped the rating to 7 from 6 also.

Reviewed by authorcamilson-499-156858 1 / 10

Boring, tedious, bland and highly insulting to such films of cinematic history.

Samson (2018) - There is a reason MOST directors should never, EVER try to take on the GIANTS of film, such as Cecil B. DeMille or Alfred Hitchock. This is one such classic film that has been cut to crap by a amateurs.

Being a remake of the classic Samson & Delilah (or whatever they want to call it) I found it quite boring. If you are going to "try" and do a remake of what that DeMille did, make sure you are worthy enough to step into his shoes. Even the scene where Samson kills he lion is very poorly done compared to the 1949 version. Story was full of plotholes and endless scenes that were non relevant to the actual story. This seemed to be a hybrid story to appeal the followers of Twilight at best.

Boring, tedious, bland and highly insulting to such films of cinematic history.

This version at the box-office worldwide raked in $4.7M only, while the 1949 version ranked in $29M in the US alone (nearly 300M today). What does that tell you? :)

Rating: 0 out of 10. Rating for Cecil B. DeMille 1949 classic: 10 out of 10.

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