Safe Haven


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 12%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 89863


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simranaujla 2 / 10

So stupid

Honestly so typical and so over romanticised. The plot line tried to be mysterious but it was just stupid.

Reviewed by Howlin Wolf 1 / 10

Don't get too comfortable...

Angels? Really?!!

The film mixes domestic abuse - a real issue which is a serious societal problem - with fantastical whimsy of a sort that, to put it kindly, has a negligible relationship with this particular plane of existence, at best...

That's cheap, even for Nicholas Sparks. Cheap, mawkish, tacky and tawdry.

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 4 / 10

The little girl is cute, but the rest... not so much

The little girl, Lexie, daughter of the main character's love interest, is very cute. Makes you wish you had a daughter like her. But, that's the only really good aspect of this movie. Well, unless you're a huge HIMYM fan, as there's an extended cameo of Robin Scherbatsky - feeling blue.

Some say that the book is much better, but, the story as seen in the movie is very lacking. Sure, the main character is a pretty little blonde and her love interest is a tall man whom some women probably find handsome (who obviously spends a suspicious amount of time in the gym for a single father of two). But, that doesn't mean that they are just "destined" to fall in love. We don't really see them falling in love, we're more-or-less told "so, they're in love now". It's even worse for the little boy (Lexie's brother) with a big chip on his shoulder, which simply goes away at one moment (the chip, not the boy), without any reason what-so-ever.

Also, the whole angle w/Cobie Smulders doesn't work. She's just a neighbor to whom the blonde speaks a little from time to time. If the blonde were so important to her, they would spend more time, share secrets, support each other.

So, while the idea is somewhat interesting and the little girl is cute, most of the rest is OK at best, and the story is not good at all. It might appeal to the very romantic among us, as "love conquers all" at the end. But, except for Lexie, there's pretty much nothing in there for the even only slightly romantic, let alone the rest.

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