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Julianne Moore as Carol White
Dean Norris as Mover
James Le Gros as Chris
Xander Berkeley as Greg White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Colette Corr 7 / 10

Powerful but understated film with multiple meanings and a bravura performance from Julianne Moore

Although it's been almost ten years since filmmaker Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine, Far From Heaven) made Safe, the film's only secured cinematic release in Australia in 2004. As Safe quietly satirises the 80s, the delayed release improves it, adding another layer of perspective to a heroine who lives life in a series of bubbles.

It's 1987, and timid California housewife Carol (a young Julianne Moore) is immersed in upper-middle class minutiae – ensuring her couch is the right colour, sleepwalking through a tepid aerobics class, and submitting to her husband (Greg White from 24). But gradually cracks appear in this pristine life, tiredness, unexplained illness…until she is diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity. She then moves to Wrenwood, a healing retreat founded by the charismatic Peter (Peter Friedman) – but will this solve her problem? Or is it just another escape? Safe is a very interesting film about a woman so overwhelmed by her environment that she becomes allergic to it. Writer and director Haynes has combined aspects of the disease film (e.g. Love Story) with the psychological thriller – as Carol doesn't know what triggers her symptoms, the audience never knows when she'll have another attack.

While Haymes criticises the New Age belief that illness is psychologically-based, in Carol's case, it's impossible to separate the psychological and physical aspects of her illness. The cinematography shows her dwarfed by her environment and Haymes offers no easy solutions. ***½/***** stars.

Reviewed by mcyaraliiiiii 1 / 10

I don't know how you guys be able to like this 'movie'

This film does not contain any twists in plot or anything strange with plot or like there is seriously nothing watchable in this movie. As the clock went far i frequently wished for something like twist to happen in this movie but i guess i expected a bit much. Don't waste your time. for making it 5 sentences long.

Reviewed by whoiskevinjones 8 / 10

Who is Carol White?

What happens when you watch Safe (1998) and you identify with Carol White?

To many observers Carol's condition must seem unimaginable. But to someone dealing with deep depression and anxiety this portrayal hits very close to home. The only salvation provided is that when everything is stripped away the self remains. For many that may sound incomprehensible but for Carol and myself, the finding of self is the only chance at salvation.

Watch and see how closely you empathize with Carol. Like me, you may want to watch it alone and keep an open mind.

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