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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Julianne Moore as Carol White
Dean Norris as Mover
James Le Gros as Chris
Xander Berkeley as Greg White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcyaraliiiiii 1 / 10

I don't know how you guys be able to like this 'movie'

This film does not contain any twists in plot or anything strange with plot or like there is seriously nothing watchable in this movie. As the clock went far i frequently wished for something like twist to happen in this movie but i guess i expected a bit much. Don't waste your time. for making it 5 sentences long.

Reviewed by whoiskevinjones 8 / 10

Who is Carol White?

What happens when you watch Safe (1998) and you identify with Carol White?

To many observers Carol's condition must seem unimaginable. But to someone dealing with deep depression and anxiety this portrayal hits very close to home. The only salvation provided is that when everything is stripped away the self remains. For many that may sound incomprehensible but for Carol and myself, the finding of self is the only chance at salvation.

Watch and see how closely you empathize with Carol. Like me, you may want to watch it alone and keep an open mind.

Reviewed by rzajac 9 / 10

Beautiful slice of an unrequited inner-life

Put simply, it's probably best to describe this as a portrait of a certain type of neurosis. Some folks out there are going to relate especially well to the images in this flick. I'm reminded of Linklater's "Slacker", NOT in the sense that the two flicks address precisely the same thing, but rather that both flicks show you lifestyle choices/crises down the side lanes of otherwise normal American life. I felt the same way at the end of "Safe" as I did "Slacker": Whaddayaknow... someone made a movie about the kinds of folks I used to hang with.

Haynes is a wonder. "Safe" is at the same time all these things (and no doubt a few others beside): It's a loving AND clinical portrait, a deep psychological thriller (to the extent you find it compelling), it could very well be a cautionary tale, it finds the line between straight-up narrative and documentary and dances on that line with incredible skill.

If you are willing to invest your attention in an enormously artful film with no pat, happy ending--and in fact a burden of unresolved lostness-- watch it. Just be ready to ask yourself how much of Carol White there may be in YOU.

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