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Bingbing Fan as Princess Zhuang
Xiaoming Huang as Han Jue / Han Xianzi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mindy Zhang 8 / 10

I recommend it

The story tries to teach a lessen, and the way it does it worked well and is different from other movies.

Chinese movie don't have to be composed entirely of fighting like everyone always would expect (it seems there are a few good movies coming out in China do not have excessive amount of fighting, including "let the bullet fly").

The story conveys a good amount of emotional feeling, and it's not cheesy.

The message of the story was delivered well, and kept me in suspense the whole time, the storyline was very unpredictable, a job well done.

Though there were some plot holes, and I would like to see that the character was really thinking about for somethings they have done.

Reviewed by njmollo 3 / 10

A Schizophrenic Film from Chen Kaige

Sacrifice (2010) directed by Chen Kaige is a misguided attempt at popularism. It fails in almost every department and resembles the work of a far less talented director. This is the surprise of Sacrifice, that it was directed by Chen Kaige.

The film is so overly edited that at times this frequent cutting only heightens continuity errors. In one short sequence when the young hero walks towards his "godfather", one carefully chosen shot would suffice but we are treated with cuts to over five different camera set- ups.

There are constant narrative flashbacks that are so short and trimmed that they confuse rather than enlighten.

The use of the "fade-to-black" is so prevalent that it becomes a distraction. There are many cinematic clich├ęs such as slow motion suddenly being inserted into a sequence for no other reason than "style". The sound-design is very cheesy with booms and thumps accompanying almost every fade to black.

The story is essentially a melodrama, so the action, which is over-the-top and inconsequential, detracts from any emotional reality.

Unlike other famous Chinese directors that have successfully experimented in the martial-arts (Wuxia) genre, Chen Kaige seems uncomfortable with the action and the more fantastic it becomes the more out of place it seems.

The production design is also a weak point, with the sets looking like what they are - overly dressed sets.

Finally the question has to be asked: How many horses were killed during this shoot? During a lacklustre cavalry battle, some horses take terrible falls that could only have been achieved with a trip-wire. A couple of horses are seen to fall directly onto their necks and faces while their whole bodies twist above them. It is impossible to imagine that in these instances the horses where not seriously and irrevocably harmed.

A very disappointing and highly schizophrenic film from Chen Kaige.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10


I have to admit that I am a fan of Asian cinema in general and the so-called "Eastern" movie in specific. Though "Musa" will remain my favorite genre movie, this one is pretty decent too. I do agree with another commentator that the movie switches paces after a very fascinating and fast start. I don't think it is a bad thing generally speaking, though.

While not without flaws (and story points/turns you might agree with), the story in itself is fascinating and as also pointed out by others there are quite some commentaries to todays politics. And movies are always a good medium to throw punches, especially if packed like that (playing in the past that is).

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