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Joe Manganiello as Joe 'Grinder' Phillips
Arnold Schwarzenegger as John 'Breacher' Wharton
Sam Worthington as James 'Monster' Murray
Mireille Enos as Lizzy Murray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by demnarchangel 7 / 10

More story, less action. That is OK!

The movie is not bad at all, not sure why everyone says it is. Especially when the review just says it is bad and gives no explanation other than implying there is no plot.

Most of the Arnie movies are not that great, I love them still, this one has a bit more of a story that it is following, with less action. That is probably why every1 is down on it I suppose, it is different.

There are a couple things going on with the main character, he is trying to get to the bottom of them both. It all unfolds nicely, but it is a bit slower than what most Arnie fans are used to. To me, that is fine.

I do not understand why anyone thinks there is no story, there is more story than action. Could of used more time with the characters, probably was part of what was cut from the original 3 hour run time, but it is still a fine movie. Meaning there are much worse Arnie movies that were more successful. This is like a better version of Eraser, which I thought was only OK back then. Give it a shot, take it as it is without some type of expectations, you will not be disappointed. Unless you are not an Arnie or cop violence fan. If that is the case, then why are you reading this?

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 5 / 10

Arnie well past his best

Fairly simple plot about revenge and a drug bust gone wrong. Not that it really matters, this is a movie that delivers on action and violence. And it's pretty strong on the latter. A lot of unconvincing CGI blood flying around, but at the same time much of the gore is pretty realistic looking too. And we get the usual Arnie somehow surviving despite have rounds of serious ammo aimed at him. As for the big man himself he's one of my heroes, with the likes of The Terminator & Predator being some of my favourite movies. But sadly he just looks too old here to be doing this sort of thing now. Come on Arnie, time to hang up those weapons! Pretty forgettable film, perhaps worth watching just the once.

Reviewed by RoboRabbit89 4 / 10

Not Arnold's best but a somewhat decent action movie.

Arnold is really cool in this film even though it's not his best work.

Arnold plays John Wharton aka "Breacher" leader on the DEA swat team. On their latest bust his team find a large crate size of money and they agree to steal it ( at least a small amount).

In this film Arnold doesn't play a good cop or at least not a squeaky clean one. It's been awhile since I've seen this, I can only remember seeing this at least maybe four times and that I think was three years ago so I'm a little fuzzy on details. The movie is basically a whodunit because himself and his team are targeted and being killed one by one by an anonymous killer and their stolen drug money is missing.

Director David Ayer is the co-writer with Skip Woods they both made I feel an alright little action-mystery thriller here, but having said that this movie does have is flaws which I'll get into some here.

The dialog is not really good, or at least in parts, but on the whole it's OK. The characters could have been written a little better as in the team mates, I don't know, I felt something was missing because you don't feel really close to them. As for the Arnold's character, at least you cared for the most, his dialog wasn't great either but OK in parts. On to the murders, the after views of team mates killed are fairly horrific and quite gory too so if your squeamish you have been warned, but it's really not that bad because those scenes are briefly shown and their aren't that many.

On to the good stuff, the action scenes are awesome and very exciting, there is a car chase scene where Arnold is in the back of a truck firing at a car with the shooter in the open trunk firing back that scene was awesome. And they're cool shoot outs plus an awesome kick ass ending that is very satisfying which I love.

Overall not a great movie but I think it's one of those sort of fun tough guy action movies that is in my opinion a bare bones no BS type that can be enjoyed once and awhile.

I give this a 4/10. If your an Arnold fan or even an action fan I think you can enjoy this, give it a look.

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