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Robert Vaughn as David Blackman
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William Holden as Tim Culley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by borromeot 7 / 10

Breaking Wind In Hollywood

I never quite figure out Blake Edwards as a filmmaker. He had a side that was as sophisticated and poignant as it was funny. Think "The Party" or the first Pink Panther, the other side was pure commercialism without any regard for its audience. SOB is a blatant example of that. Here he even uses his characters to badmouth "Last Tango In Paris" - The premise is terrific for a biting Hollywood satire but a premise is just a premise. He has to resort to farting during a sequence that should have been a comedy showstopper. Hey he got his wife to go topless and his wife was Julie Andrews - he must have heard cash registers in his mind like Richard Mulligan's character when he decides to put his wife in a porno=erotic something or other to make zillions of dollars. Richard Mulligan plays his suicidal director like he was in a Mack Sennett routine. Outrageous and I'm tempted to say, unforgivable. I must also confess that made me uncomfortable to see William Holden in the middle of it all. Shelley Winter, Robert Preston, Stuart Margolin, Larry Hagman, Robert Vaughn even a glimpse of the very young Rossana Archette keeps the film going. Loretta Swit - of MASH fame - plays a gossip columnist in such a way that may very well explain why she didn't have much of a film career. So, even if I'm aware I've spent a couple of hours with a bunch of characters I hope I never meet in real life, SOB deserves to be seen if only because it is a piece of film history solidly set on its day.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

Gone with the Night Wind...and Julie's bra.

A black comedy about how Hollywood rewards success and damns disaster. Having had a few of his own, writer/director Blake Edwards got digs in at the whole system of Hollywood big shots, managers, publicity agents, gossip columnists and the all around selfishness of the industry. Just a decade before, he had tried to change Julie Andrews' image with "Darling Lili", a sophisticated musical comedy that dared to show her being sweet and sexy; a spy, yes, but still sweet and sexy. It flopped, gained a bit of notoriety and eventually a slight cult following.

In this often irritating spoof of Hollywood bad taste, Andrews is a Peter Pan imaged goodie goodie, and a victim of her first flop. Director husband Richard Mulligan is personally blamed for the disaster, with suicide his first priority. But a shock brings him back to life, determined to turn it into a hit by adding a shot of the virgin star's" boobies". Yep, that's it in a clam shell bra, and for the former Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp, it's a nice pair, too.

There are ramifications, but they don't really matter after the "unveiling". The script though is witty and filled with gem one-liners, mostly uttered by the hysterical Robert Preston in a role that pre- dated his "Victor/Victoria" Toddy by one year. Shelley Winters spoofs agent Sue Mengers (then unknown, but later made infamous by Bette Midler on Broadway), and Loretta Swit gets tossed around and justifiably abused as a much hated gossip columnist. William Holden adds a third Hollywood slam onto his resume, having starred in the first film to puncture a hole on Hollyweird's tire in "Sunset Blvd." and the lesser known "Fedora".

Then, there's Larry Hagman as the studio head who is as ruthless as J.R. Ewing, Robert Vaughan, Robert Webber and Robert Loggia as other ruthless members of the Hollywood cog. A bittersweet cut away plot has a has been actor dying on the beach in front of Mulligan's house and nobody noticing him, just his grief stricken dog. This gives a bittersweet theme to the film, but oh, that ending, which left many people cold. So many great moments mixed up together in a stew that went bad even with refrigeration.

Reviewed by henryhertzhobbit 3 / 10

It broke wind

It is true that many times you will get more truth out of humor than you do drama.

This is a movie that should have never been made available to the general viewing public. Why not? Because it is a satire of Hollywood and the movie industry in general. Who should have been the target audience? The people in the movie industry.

I hate to bring up another movie in discussing this one but that movie is the movie Mary Poppins. In it Bert and Uncle Albert are trading jokes and Bert tells a real stinker. Uncle Albert of course tells him it is not funny. And therein lies the rub. The dividing line between humor and sadness is some times razor thin. You do get truth out of this movie but the insiders need some truth laid on them. By the time it got to Julie Andrews down and dirty stuff I didn't even watch it. I was thinking of their complaints that I as a viewer didn't let them spread their creative wings and fly. Schindler's List was a highly acclaimed film. I don't like it either. But I do respect it for the high craft that went into it. But I like what I like and that is it. For an actor, producer, or director to expect me to make the transition from what I like to where they are going is too much to demand from their viewers. To demand that I shift from a genre that I like to one I don't like is asking too much. It's like expecting me to like some artist nailing a turd to a piece of wood and calling it Jesus on the cross. They can do that. But they have no right to expect, nay demand, that tax payers pay for what they consider to be a work of art. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Now I will do the unpardonable. When I see people who are paid so well as people in Hollywood are griping about their private dirt only they knew at the time, it ceases to be funny. It really does. So you should have made this movie for yourselves. I am sorry but I am a Chuckles the Clown in Mary Tyler Moore show type of humor person. That went dangerously close to going over the line but didn't tip over it for me. Callous people ignoring a dog whose owner had just died just isn't funny to me. My best and frequently only friends are animals that are not members of the Homo Sapiens species. When you harm one of my friends you have gone way too far and ceased to be funny.

The only thing funny about this movie for me was what it showed in the newspaper about the movie in the movie titled Night Wind that just bombed. "Critics break wind." For those not aware of the euphemism that means flatulence or a better word for it is f**t. This movie is a real stinker.

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