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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blumdeluxe 5 / 10

Lots of fighting

"Rz-9" tells the story of a dark future where the government has put the public under mass surveillance. When one government agent finds himself on the edge of being investigated because of his religious believes, he joins the rebel forces with his sister and they try to escape to Canada.

The movie is not really a thrill to watch. It can't really decide between dystopia, action film and religious elements. None of those elements are presented badly, even though especially the more personal and emotional scenes didn't really convince me. The rest is pretty much lots of chasing and gunfights, nothing I can get too excited about but still told with enough story around to provide an acceptable plot.

All in all this is something you can definetly miss out on without a bad conscience but still the ratings here seem a bit harsh to me. If you like fights and action, you might actually enjoy this film.

Reviewed by Allen Selner Sr 6 / 10

Needs better casting, original sound track bigger budget. Worth watching? Yes.

Drops the ball in several areas. The first was the obviously "canned music". Some of the cast came off no better than that of a high school play. Well choreographed and cinematography, it moved along nicely in spite of what must have been a small budget. That, I believe was the downfall. I'll take a science fiction "B" movie over a romantic comedy any day.The best I can say is that in spite of shortcomings, I watched it to the end. Given more time, better casting, and an original sound track and it would have had my vote of 8.5 rather than 6. This movie had to have been well written as a short novel. As a film, it's subject the those shortcomings mentioned. Worth watching? Yes, in a pinch.

Reviewed by vindalootiger 4 / 10

meh, bad but I have seen worse

While I can not agree that this should be in the theater, it was fine for a B wanna-be action thriller. While the writers show a profound disconnect between current political realities, it has been amusing. If you need a good background move or just need something mind numbing this is good.

What really nauseated me was the religious connections made about the main characters, it seems obvious that parts were intentionally cut not to irritate the current religious right. Sadly this is a rather ignorant way of writing, that being said, conservative extremists survivalist types find this movie great.

Acting started good, 30 minutes in it got way worse. I think what bugs me the most is that no one seems to know how actual military personnel act.

There were soooo many technical holes, writing holes, direction holes, I could not list them all here, artistic direction was very low par too. I strongly suspect that this movie had many parts cut in script revisions and the editing room floor.

Generally the cliché laden dialog, technical writing problems, and absurdest understanding of world politics, killed this movie. The cg effects were OK, foley and muzzle flash syncing was bad, just bad, as one other reviewer put it "1980's quality"

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