Rush Hour 3


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Sarah Shahi as Zoe
Jackie Chan as Lee
Roman Polanski as Detective Revi
Noémie Lenoir as Genevieve
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Reviewed by davidtkd-25249 9 / 10

Rush Hour 3 (2007): A Third Rush - A Great Sequel

Rush Hour 3 is an American 2007 martial arts buddy cop action film and the sequel to the 2001 film Rush Hour 2.

Rush Hour 3 has a very simple but interesting plot. After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma), Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and L.A.P.D. Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) find out who is responsible and they head to Paris, France to stop the Triads once again from their despicable crimes. Rush Hour 3 takes place 10 years after the events of Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2.

Directed by Brett Ratner, the film has a good amount of humor, crime, and action as well as drama. One of his better films.

Rush Hour 3 made a good profit. However, it was made on a budget of $140,000,000 and only grossed $258,000,000, making it the least successful entry financially in the series.

Rush Hour 3, while not a masterpiece like Rush Hour (1998) and Rush Hour 2 (2001), is still a great sequel and an extremely underrated film. Don't listen to the critics. Just watch this movie and I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you loved the first two as much as I did.


Reviewed by dglink 6 / 10

Fairly Good Third Installment in Rush Hour Series

For the third in an action-comedy series,"Rush Hour 3" is not half bad. Perhaps that should not be a surprise for a Jackie Chan film, because "Shanghai Knights," the second film in his collaboration with Owen Wilson, was even funnier than the first, "Shanghai Noon." In Chan's third film with comedian Chris Tucker, Jackie witnesses an attempt on the Chinese ambassador's life, and he springs into action with the aid of Tucker. Directed by Brett Ratner, who helmed the first two installments in the series, the film sends the pair to Paris in pursuit of the assassin, where they become involved with crime lords, the French police, a helpful taxi driver, Jackie's long lost brother, and some beautiful women.

As expected in a Jackie Chan movie, the action is a non-stop series of martial arts fights, car chases, and explosions. A martial arts sequence with an extremely tall black belt and a group of young students is quite good, and a precarious fight atop the Eiffel Tower is especially well done. Tucker provides the wise cracks, which are generally funny, although his barbs that disparaged a large-size woman were in poor taste. However, the "Yu and Mi" exchange, reminiscent of the classic "Who's on First" by Abbott and Costello was funny. While there is nothing ground-breaking here, the film has plenty of action for Jackie's fans, and some good lines from Tucker; when you throw in appearances by Max Von Sydow, Philip Baker Hall, and Roman Polanski, "Rush Hour 3" is pretty decent entertainment for the third film in a series.

Reviewed by Mike LeMar 5 / 10

Hilarious except for one thing

Chris Tucker avoids the cab driver's grudge toward the U.S. early in the movie and drives his mind the other way by shoving the Star-Spangled Banner down his throat. Other than that, he's absolutely hilarious and by far one of the best Michael Jackson imitations. The opening's a part I can't get enough of-- hilarious.

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