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Natalie Dormer as Nurse Gemma
Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt
Olivia Wilde as Suzy Miller
Daniel Brühl as Niki Lauda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Antonio Kowatsch 7 / 10

A tale of rivalry

I usually don't watch movies about cars because I find them to be quite boring. "Rush" however surprised me with its execution. It was a very well done drama movie. Yes, the movie is about Formula One cars but the main focus is put on the interpersonal relationships. The clever and authentic depictions of both protagonists are ultimately what make this movie great. It's not just another movie about racing cars. After all, this movie is based on real events which makes the movie even more interesting. I knew that of course because when I was a child Niki Lauda was a total superstar here in Germany. The rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt is a legendary tale of competitiveness and recklessness. Very action-packed and insightful. Daniel Brühl's and Chris Hemsworth's performances were really strong by the way.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"Just give me the drive!"

Not being a racing fan, what intrigued me about the story was the head game rivalry between Formula 1 drivers Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). The film begins with Lauda's narration, so one assumes from the outset that he would be the principal character, but the picture is pretty even handed in it's treatment of both men. Diametrically opposed in both temperament and style, Lauda comes across almost boorish in his approach to racing, while Hunt represents the playboy sportsman looking to score with women virtually every moment he's not on the track. As far as that goes, the film probably overdid it in that regard, especially when an injured Hunt with his guts practically hanging out decides to have a fling with a hospital nurse. With all the name calling, middle finger waving and salty language between the two men, I wasn't left disappointed as the story was winding down, in as much as Hunt came to respect his rival as a worthy opponent on the race track. It appeared to go both ways actually, even as one or the other had to accept inevitable defeat from one race to the next. As far as the race footage itself, exciting enough I guess for fans who go for it. For this viewer it was an incidental part of the story.

Reviewed by jimmytilders 10 / 10

Suburb at everything

It follows the story of two race drivers in a brilliant true story of courage and devotion to there occupation.As a Playboy driver and a skilled Austrian Battle it out with there skills.The B-story follows Hunt with his love life but at the end it goes to Niki's love life.It's Mid-story follows Nikki after a life threatening car crash that leads him to a conference were a journalist ask him about his distorted face and James hunt follows the journalist and beats him up for respect.After this they have a bit more respect for each other and see's into there lives.

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