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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
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Noomi Rapace as Renee
Peter Stormare as Terrence
Michael Chiklis as Bald Man
Lesley Manville as Dr. Nyman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jake_fantom 1 / 10

The real spoiler is if you have to watch this atrocity

Low-budget asinine claptrap. It's really a moronic torture-centric horror movie with one dimly-lit set. Noomi Rapace, who seems to have staked out a career in cheesy science-fiction films, spends half the film trying to break free of her chains (which she manages with the help of an X-acto knife she just happened to have with her when she was abducted), and the other half crawling around in an air duct from torture room to torture room in some kind of underground torture motel. The abductors, of course, turn out to be space alien snake people, who need some substance in human skin that is released when victims are tortured into a state of terror. In case you ever saw Fur, the idiotic fantasy film about photographer Diane Arbus that featured Robert Downey Jr. as a werewolf — same director, Steve Shainberg, who is now on my permanent list of must-avoid directors.

Reviewed by mark-127-19463 9 / 10

Interesting Theme and capturing idea

Lets face it, this is a different kind of movie than the average flick. Interesting theme/subject in that it plays with the idea of the Reptilians (overlords) are among us (in a way cool…….and funny). The movie builds slowly a capturing concept of "they want to change us". I understand why some think this is a slow movie, but I liked it……as a matter of fact "I loved it". If you are into Sci-Fi, conspiracy theory and a bit strange movies (spider phobia, snake phobia and phobia of closed rooms). This is the flick is defiantly for you. Lets face it, we are not alone (haha, big smile). Enjoy the movie

Reviewed by brokenmirror-06813 7 / 10

Original Idea

I'm glad I ignored the other reviews and gave this one a try. I'm not usually into alien movies of any kind because I usually find them silly and unbelievable, but I can say I was sucked into this one. The idea was very original and there are no "unanswered questions." If you watch the entire thing and pay attention everything will be explained to you. If you enjoy sci fi and originality you will enjoy this

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