Run Lola Run


Action / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amitksing 4 / 10

What did I just watch??

This is such an utter waste of time! Just like Lola, this film is also running around in all directions. The scenes are repeated, and instead of giving a hint to viewers about re-occurrence of same event, the director plays same frames all over again and again.

Reviewed by natalie-97976 10 / 10

Loved it

Love these type of complex/alternate storylines. Had me entertained the entire film and the majority of it is Lola running

Reviewed by Sean Newgent 6 / 10

An Interesting Underground Title

Run Lola Run is a quick paced, low budget film about a young woman trying to save her boyfriend who has lost the hundred thousand he was to deliver to a mob boss. She has twenty minutes to find a hundred grand and get to him before he robs a grocery store. As you can expect, the film moves extremely fast to give you a sort of adrenaline rush, quickly cutting to various angles and tracking shots, interspersing cartoons, throwing in small vignettes with no bearing on the story but interesting nonetheless. It's an entirely original film with a great soundtrack, a movie I don't think has been recreated since. The closest equivalent I could come up with are the Crank movies, though I think those are a little more crazy in how they build that bullet train pacing.

Lola is a pretty good movie all around though I didn't feel a real connection to it. The characters are built up a bit but ultimately didn't come across as three dimensional to me and the plot was only there to service the action. As an eighty minute film, you can't go wrong and it really is unique and fun. But despite all the originality of the direction and cinematography, I can't help but feel it's still a fairly hollow movie in the end.

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