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Mahershala Ali as Cross
Nia Long as Ms. Peggy Gooden
Nelsan Ellis as Mr. Lester
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jersmac 3 / 10

left wanting

I remember when my boy D came home from Detroit with a Roxanne tape. It was all we played for weeks. This movie was well acted but lacked the feeling of the time and music of the period. I expected more from it.

Reviewed by fcthemusic 8 / 10

Quality Movie

I gave this movie a 8/10. I thought the acting was great and the actual quality of the movie (sound, picture, etc) was phenomenal. I don't know what the budget was but I wish more movies looked as good as this. Chanté Adams did an incredible job. She was a natural and very believable.

I think it was a little hard to follow if you're not from that era because I don't know all of the players. I'm an 80s baby and I still don't know everyone who was being portrayed in the movie. I think they should've paused the film with a little caption under each main character so the audience can get a better understanding of who is who.

Also, I would've liked the film to illustrate how Roxanne Shanté affected the billboards and media etc. This was an inside looking out movie but the outside looking in perspective would've been nice to add, just a tad. Other than that, solid film!

Reviewed by stellanjara 1 / 10

Film let down by poor script and direction.

Film let down by poor script and direction. There were lots of moments that were just useless, utterly useless. The actors were good but the lack of direction, plot and story line left it drifting in the breeze.

It could of been really great but it missed the mark totally. I felt it was rather a film of "why men are rubbish" or "how to groom a teenage girl" instead of rap and hip hop. Where were all the rap battles and hip hop scene???

Give this a miss and don't waste an hour and half of your life. Although towards the middle I forwarded through the film in the hope it got going, it never did!

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