Rough Night



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 27915


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Zoë Kravitz as Blair
Colton Haynes as Real Scotty
Demi Moore as Lea
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saneman1 2 / 10

Dreadful movie

This movie makes Hangover 2 seem like a classic by comparison. Bridesmaids, Think like A Man Too, , even Soul Freaking PLane look like great movies by comparison. Sometimes a cast can sell a dumb script. But the actress who plays the movie's main crazy character, Jillian Bell, lacks the Melissa McCarthy or Zack G level off the wall zaniness to sell a poor script. The scarlett J character was a disaster. This movie didn';t even the guts to go all out in its zaniness. YOu have a person like Scarlett who casually takes coke like it's Coca Cola with a very minor objection that it may not be the best time even if she has absolutely no problem taking it. But then she gets all skeezed out by a stripper coming on to her and just comes across as a very unlikable unfunny person. She is a lot better in her SNL skits. Also, the movie does not even have the out there craziness of a Very Bad Things to sell the important development that happens early in the movie. This movie is directed with the skill of a direct to video movie.

Most of the characters are unlikable. But much worse is they are unfunny. If you are funny, likability has no bearing. If you are not that funny, then if you are likable and can ham it up in a charming way, you can make a bad movie tolerable to watch. This movie is just awful.

Reviewed by RPB 5 / 10

try-too-hard, not funny

Yikes. What a mess. What an unoriginal mess! This was pretty much that same '98 Christian Slater flick Very Bad Things but with an all girl cast. (Or maybe that was their intent...was it a remake?) Anyhoo, it was pretty awful. Everything was for shock value. Drugs galore/language/body parts/groddy threesome storyline with Demi Moore and the Phil guy from Modern Family/girl on girl kissing. Just lame, tried too hard! The whole dumping of the body scenes were cringeworthy. And don't get me started on the guy in diapers: stupid. Scarjo was her usual annoying self and her old college girlfriends just seemed silly. Kate McKinnon was okaaaay. See something else.

Reviewed by kurtis-65528 2 / 10

Seriously deceptions - hard to watch until the end

We weren't expecting much given the plot description, but we hadn't seen such a bad movie in years. My wife couldn't manage till the end and I stuck to it out of mere curiosity, waiting for some kind of miraculous twist that could save the day. No luck; it just got worst by the minute. I wonder why in heaven Johansson got involved in this thing! She's got so good stuff... Unfortunately, a waisted evening.

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