Romper Stomper


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
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Russell Crowe as Hando
Dan Wyllie as Cackles
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A 4 / 10

Pommy Bill has a curious mustache...

Cyndi Lauper likes the Skinheads.

Even if this was a gang of characters with high moral fiber who would want to hang out with these lunatics?

Nice Nazi lampshade... Do creations need lampshades?

What a great friend... Moving him from across the stairs to on the cold hard concrete floor.

"Thousands of em?"... Clearly it math is not required to join.

She was better off with the drug addict.

Hando wants revenge for the revenge taken because of him.

No water in the bowl?

Clearly the police will know who they are.

Skinheads falling asleep reading :)

That's all you brought?

"I surrender"... karma.

The problem with being a skinhead is when you want to disguise yourself you can't cut your hair.

Almost over... Let's see how they're gonna crash and burn.

Hando has no friends left. He's desperate for anyone to keep from being alone.

Reviewed by Dusan Petrovic 8 / 10


This is the story about Hammer Skins in Australia. On the other hand, history of this kind of violence begins earlier in USA, after the Civil War. Freedom was given to the Black Men and they were equal as white ones on the South. Working places were flooded by the Black men which influenced on the job of Confederation families. Whites staid unemployed, because were too many applications for jobs, after slavery'd been forbidden and every single Negro had the legal ability to work in any factory, trade company, construction business and a restaurant as the chief or kitchen staff. Ex-warriors as well as true gentlemen and Red Necks(hard working people from the countryside) all over the South were exalted by the hunger and literally starving. That's how The KKK Clan had been created. The Great Red Dragons of Mississippi weren't just the cruel killers and twisted minds who led the army of the same maniacs, but people who were suffering and sending the clear message to politicians of the Union, because something got to be changed. The same thing was with Train companies and Chinease people who were dying all over the West, just because there wasn't other work for people from Asia except setting explosives and making narrow passages for train tunnels.Policy of The North destroyed everything. Red Necks, The Chinease people, Irish workers were in the real mess. In the country where common life was irrelevant, came the body hunters and professional killers like gunfighters and Ronins from ex-feudal Japan, hired by the mind and landowners for big money.

Reviewed by dworldeater 9 / 10

"We have come to wreck everything and ruin your life"

Romper Stomper is an early film starring (now international) star Russell Crowe. This indie Austrailian flick is a brash and gritty tale of neo nazi skinheads that terrorize the Asian immigrants in Melbourne. I have heard Romper Stomper described as A Clockwork Orange with skinheads. That description is pretty accurate. The film is much like the subculture that this is about. It is very chaotic, violent, gritty and nihilistic. Crowe gives one of his best performances as the leader of the skinhead gang Hondo. He is hard as nails and is very brooding, intense and intimidating. Russell Crowe brings it big time in this very intense, rough and tumble film. The portrayal of these youths does not glorify their actions,nor does it condemn them outright. Although it does show the consequences for their hateful and violent actions. Romper Stomper is much more authentic than and I prefer this to American History X(which also is a good film, but way different). It is no surprise that Romper Stomper has become a cult classic, it is a very good film and has aged well.

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