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Paul Rudd as Danny
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Reviewed by cosmorados 8 / 10

What did you have for dinner? Was it cocaine? Funny as f**k!

Danny is in a rut with his life and hates his job as a promoter of a sugar/caffeine energy drink called minotaur, while his co-worker, Wheeler, loves it. However after being dumped by his girlfriend, Danny crashes his minotaur truck into a school monument and he and Wheeler face the prospect of 30 days in jail or 150 hours of community service doing big-brother type work with disadvantaged youngsters. While Wheeler is landed with Ronny an obnoxious little 10 year old, Danny is landed with a dungeons and dragon playing geek called Augie. While neither of them hit it off with the kids at first they all eventually become friends and learn a lot of life lessons. Ahhhh!

Now, you might think that from this semi-sarcastic tone I hated it, but oh contraire, far from. I admit I had low expectations of this film that were completely smashed by the scatter-gun humour of the film. The dialogue is funny and the sarcasm bitingly funny at times, as the top line suggests. Paul Rudd is perfect as the miserable Danny and Sean William Scott is perfectly cast as the free-living, but unfortunate Wheeler.

The film manages to tread that fine line between cliché ridden schmaltz (Like 27 dresses) and refreshingly enjoyable comedies (Like Something About Mary) with a deft touch, the direction is sure footed and manages to deliver a surprise ending that I would never have guessed from how it began.

A laugh out loud comedy that exceeds expectations.

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 4 / 10

Keeping this blank

Not as funny as I was hoping. I stopped watching this about an hour into it. It just wasn't getting any better. Unfunny comedies are the worst because they just exist without serving a purpose. Simply waste of time and space in the grand collection of cinema. Void of meaning or even entertainment value. The nothingness of the human condition. Darn them. Darn them to heck. In other words, this film is forgettable and not even worth a review.

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 5 / 10

Some sexy women and funny guys don't add up to much

There are much more sexy women than in most comedies, except the ones that are dealing with dating/chasing such women. What's more, they are well placed, as such things go, they don't seem to be "just for show".

Also, the main characters do their usual funny stuff and it works more-or-less OK.

But, the main point, interacting with kids, didn't work out so well. It's OK, nothing really wrong with it, but, there's more fun to be had with this setup.

Most jokes in the movie seem to come from sexual allusions. First, it's way too much and second, it's not a good fit for a movie with kids.

Also, the script has several issues. I mean, really, if you have to explicitly say that Elizabeth Banks is both beautiful and smart, there's something wrong with the script. Just a few well placed scenes (say, in the court, since she's a lawyer) would have shown that.

As modern comedies go, it's OK, but, nothing special.

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