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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 4 / 10

Keeping this blank

Not as funny as I was hoping. I stopped watching this about an hour into it. It just wasn't getting any better. Unfunny comedies are the worst because they just exist without serving a purpose. Simply waste of time and space in the grand collection of cinema. Void of meaning or even entertainment value. The nothingness of the human condition. Darn them. Darn them to heck. In other words, this film is forgettable and not even worth a review.

Reviewed by srdjan_veljkovic 5 / 10

Some sexy women and funny guys don't add up to much

There are much more sexy women than in most comedies, except the ones that are dealing with dating/chasing such women. What's more, they are well placed, as such things go, they don't seem to be "just for show".

Also, the main characters do their usual funny stuff and it works more-or-less OK.

But, the main point, interacting with kids, didn't work out so well. It's OK, nothing really wrong with it, but, there's more fun to be had with this setup.

Most jokes in the movie seem to come from sexual allusions. First, it's way too much and second, it's not a good fit for a movie with kids.

Also, the script has several issues. I mean, really, if you have to explicitly say that Elizabeth Banks is both beautiful and smart, there's something wrong with the script. Just a few well placed scenes (say, in the court, since she's a lawyer) would have shown that.

As modern comedies go, it's OK, but, nothing special.

Reviewed by darokios-19762 2 / 10

This movie broke me

I've liked this movie since it came out in 2008 I remember renting the DVD once it came out I always watched it when it was playing on TV. So fast-forward 8 years into the future, I'm now a university student studying film, In class and the teacher tells us that we are going to watch a movie, we walk into the screening room and the teacher plugs his hard drive full of movies and asks us what movie we want to watch. The obvious choice here would have been back to the future, but Nooo the people in class are apparently too stupid to realize that we would have to work on the movie after we watch it and they picked role models, a movie that even though not bad is plainer than a slice of white bread. Back to the future in the other hand is a bloody masterpiece. Rarely do you ever see a movie that takes such complicated concepts and conveys them in an easy to understand manner while still being accurate. The characters are amazing off the bat I understand and sympathize with all of them and I feel like I want to see them succeed. The script is awesome, foreshadowing stuff that's going to happen in the past and has some amazing dialogue. The special effects are as good as they are iconic(except for jaws 19 cause the shark still looks fake). I think I could ramble about this movie for way more that a pages but my point is that neither of these movies happen to have any similarities to Garfield: A tale of two kitties so that's why I give the movie two stars

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