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Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alex Heaton (azanti0029) 10 / 10

Gareth Edwards has done it - The prequel story that Star Wars deserved.

With all the rumours flying about that Disney had interfered with the creative process on this one, just as when Alderaan blew up - I feared the worse. Fortunately my fears were unfounded.

Rogue one is as engrossing as it is seamless and while its not perfect it had everything required to make a great movie. I guess everyone has different expectations of Star Wars. The plot which I will only briefly describe involves a group of rebels attempting to secure the plans to the Death Star, the designer of which, having a morale conscience, built the deliberate flaw (The exhaust port which Stewie Darth Vader asked about in Family Guy) so that it could be easily destroyed as long as the information fell into the right hands. This information is contained in an archive and it falls to the daughter of the designer, Jyn Erso, to not only restore her fathers name but get the designs to the rebels who are just itching to get on with events in Episode Four (New Hope) and blow the thing up.

So does it hold up? Well, yes, not only does it hold up I would put this film on par with Empire and also Episode IV and this coming from someone who saw the first film on the silver screen in 1977. Gareth Edwards is a director who understands all the combined elements that make a Star Wars Film great. First a good script with the right mix of drama, action, pathos and humour and above all a story that actually makes sense, secondly good well written, rounded, characters that are interesting, diverse and unique, third great visuals - there's so many memorable shots in this film and so many of them are the shots you always wanted to see, fourth well directed action that looks and feels real, that is tense and that you can follow, fifth - tension, this film has it in spades, Sixth nods and references to the original trilogy - they come in abundance, some are comedic, some pure nostalgia while others are entirely appropriate and work so well within the story. Seventh - real sets, please give me a London Underground station redressed over bland CGI sterile sets any day of the week. Here the technology enhances the story and the tension and at no time tries to substitute for either. It is the perfect mix of live action & CG effects. I have not seen them so well combined since Lord of the Rings.

This is a man who clearly understands his craft of what makes for a great film. I was highly critical of the prequel movies, which really are a masterclass in how not to make a film, here the total opposite is true. I am not a die hard Star Wars fan in any sense and was fully prepared to be very critical of this film, but find it hard to find fault in it anywhere. The supporting cast were especially good here, everyone from Riz Ahmed to Forest Whitaker giving it their all. The new villain of the piece is brilliantly played by Ben Mendelson (Hard to believe this is the kid from The Big Steal!) Donnie Yen's character was beautifully written, I could have watched another movie just about him alone. The cast feels truly international, as any universe should. Many British actors really make their mark in smaller roles including Duncan Pow & Ben Daniels as Rebel Foot Solider and General Pilot respectively while the likes of Sharon Duncan-Brewster & Jonathon Aris as Rebel Senators argue the merits of the attack in a tense conference debate - gone are the boring council meetings of the prequels. Strong drama is the key ingredient of the day. Here the Rebellion is shown as a far more tangible real faction, not everyone agrees with each other, things get messy and sometimes the wrong people are killed - the film even begs to ask the question, how better really are they than the Empire??? - we know of course, but its great to see such shades rather than just plain good and bad guys.

The film contains so many pure Star Wars moments. I have no doubt the Droid (Voiced with skill by Alan Tudky) will become a favourite of many and new aliens and ship designs are not thin on the ground.

Chiefly in the acting credits, plaudits must go to Felicity Jones who plays Jyn with real conviction while Diego Luna avoids a Han Solo portrayal of Cassian, her would be ally and sometimes adversary. The appearances of Vader and Tarkin (Incredible) are entirely warranted and in proportion with the rest of the film.

One or two of the subplot characters are a little underwritten (perhaps deleted scenes and a longer cut will reveal them to be less so) but that really is nit picking, I had no issue with this at all. To juggle so many major and minor characters in a single narrative in a tight running time, for any director is no mean feat and Edwards manages it extremely well.

I have no doubt Edwards had to steer an entire army of Executives in order to deliver the film he wanted. Perhaps one day someone will make a film about that? I have no doubt it would make for quite a story - Whatever were his obstacles, he clearly overcame them. He has done himself and every Star Wars fan proud. Pure class.

Reviewed by foghorn_clj 2 / 10

A pointless and lacklustre addition to the franchise

OK so I had A lot to say about "The Force Awakens" and mostly I pointed out all the plot holes that I could drive a semi trailer through. But after seeing Rogue One I appreciate TFA a lot more because at least it was entertaining and engaging.

Rogue One is boring. Boring, boring, boring, boring and boring. I can appreciate where it sits within the timeline and was actually interested in how to the Death Star plans got into R2D2. However the story is so ludicrously unimaginative that I wish I could unlearn the official story and go back to making up something myself.

The fundamental problem is that the writers forgot this was a Star Wars movie until about 75% of the way in and then went "Oh crap there's supposed to be space battles in this thing." And here begins the rant: spoilers ahead...

Let's start with the main character Jyn. Firstly, I said this in my review of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I will say it here, killing a main characters parents when they are a small child is not enough to make me give a crap about what happens to them. So she was orphaned when her mother was killed and her father chose to go back to the Empire.. just like millions of other children effected by the war. Secondly this character is so unimpressive and has basically no skills that are helpful to the Rebellion other than the fact that she's the daughter of the genius scientist behind the Death Star. Sure she can fire a phaser but that's pretty much as helpful as she gets. Why a group of committed Rebellion fighters would follow this girl into battle confounds me.

Cassian the rebel fighter assigned to help Jyn is just as unimpressive. We're supposed to feel for him because he lost his family and has been forced to kill people for the Rebellion and feels bad about it but in the end you feel nothing.

K-2SO - ah the generic and expected robot comedy relief that brings a few chuckles but nothing much else (which is no reflection on Alan Tudyk who I love but they didn't give him much to work with) And whilst it was nice to see Darth Vader back in all his glory (and in the voice of James Earl Jones) his cameo was blink-and-you'd-miss-it and really doesn't add to the story in any way.

And then basically all the other characters were so unimpressive that I don't remember any of them and therefore have nothing to say about them.

The 2 stars I've given to this review are purely for the CGI in the final 45 mins of this movie which is pretty bloody spectacular. But once it got to that point I'd stopped caring a while ago. The exception being the CGI young Princess Leia which was just CREEPY.

So to summarise: Boring and unimaginative shouldn't have been made in the first place.

Reviewed by darcontek 1 / 10

This is a fan fiction film

I saw this movie today and this was the first Star Wars film that I wanted to walk out on.

Here are my grips with the movie

1. NO OPENING CRAWL - It seems like the people who made this movie did not consider consistency to be important in the Star Wars franchise. This is the first movie in the franchise to not have an opening crawl and not having consistency really shows in the quality of the movie.

2. BAD PACING and TRANSITION - In the beginning of the movie you have the camera jump from random planets without any real explanation as to what is going on and this type of camera work goes on for the entire movie. It just feels like a bunch of random shots put together.

3. NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - You feel absolutely no emotion or bond towards any of the characters. All of them feel replaceable and there is no memorable chemistry between the characters in any way. I have no idea why Forrest Whittaker was even in the film because he serves no purpose. His character finds the main lead and then it entirely skips any sort of character development that could've happened between the two. I don't even remember the characters names because most of them were so unmemorable

4. THE ROBOT - As I said before consistency did not seem to be important to the makers of this movie. The reprogrammed imperial robot seemed TOO human. He moved too much like a human and talked too much like a human, which did not happen in any of the other star wars movies. The most human like droid was C-3p0 but even he did not MOVE like a human.

5. VADER - Something about this Vader seemed to be off. I can't point my finger as to what it is but his style of talking and also his suit seems to be different because I didn't see a chain around his neck. Also his lightsabre fighting style seemed too agile and more like the prequel rather than a hard hitting slow style like in the original trilogy. As I said before, consistency didn't seem important to the filmmakers and little things like this pulled me out of the movie.

6. Obvious SJW Agenda - I am Korean-American. When I watch a Star Wars film, I just want a good Star Wars film. I don't need a Star Wars filmed disguised with a SJW Agenda. Is it a coincidence that the Rebels has a woman, an arab, two Asian guys, a hispanic etc. and the Empire is all white? Why can't I just have a good Star Wars film?

I will say this. The only good part of the movie was at the end when the Death Star fires at the planet because that is the only time I actually felt emotion for the characters and saw a little bit of character development.

Otherwise, this was a terrible movie. You will only watch it just because it is Star Wars.

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