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Carl Weathers as Apollo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JFHunt 10 / 10

"But it's Thanksgiving. Yeah to you, but to me it's Thursday."

It's hard to explain what this movie means to me. Words could never. I remember when I was a kid, I never liked the first Rocky, was too obsessed with III and IV. It happened when I was 11 and I went to see V in the theater. I never been to a movie like that before. People were screaming and cheering. Shook the whole damn place. They were dancing in the isle's and celebrating. It was then I realized the true power of Stallone's vision. The realization that only the original would ever really matter.

Rocky to me is so many things. I had to beg my girlfriend to see it. She said she doesn't like boxing. I almost dumped her right there. If she wasn't so hot, I probably would have. I was crushed that someone could think that this movie is about boxing. To me it was never that. It's about a guy, much like you or me, who's down on his luck and everyday feels like Sunday. He's pushing 30, single and broke. I'm sad to say that at this moment it almost reminds me of myself. Every minute more another reason.

It's hard to pick my favorite scenes from the movie. I love the chemistry between Rocky and Adrian (Shire). When he's talking to door and she finally comes out and then stops to look in the mirror. It's a thing of beauty. Or when Mickey (Meredith) goes over to Stallones apartment. Rocky gets upset and punches his shitty wall, then goes to hide in the bathroom. The look on Stallone's face when he comes out to find Mickey still there is priceless. I heard it wasn't in the script or directed, just happened. But the one that does it for me is when he comes home in the opening scene after the chapel fight. He turns on his record player and goes for a beer, but it's empty, like everything else in his life. Talks to the turtles and his fish, why because the Rock is lonely. Goes to the mirror and practices a joke for his love. Looks at a picture of himself and realizes he's wasting his life. It's more than beautiful or real.

It's safe to say that I have seen the original more than 100 times. I still feel all the emotion. I love this movie more than any other film. I hope one day, with God's help, to show it to my kids and have them feel the same way. I think if I ever got the chance to meet Stallone, I'd want to thank him. Tell him how he changed my life. But in reality, he probably wouldn't care. Because, "I'm at least half a bum."

Reviewed by amheretojudge 6 / 10

don't want one..


There are some dreadful scenes like cutting an eye for clear vision which is not easy to watch but on the other side it has probably one of the best first dates ever portrayed in a movie; the relation between Rocky and Adrian is easily the best thing in here. Rocky is a smart movie; which came off as a surprise to me, the whole movie is a build up to the much awaited fight giving the perfect value and gravitas to the event that it deserved but fails on living up to the expectation for the choreography is way too lose. John seems like an amateur when it comes to execute physical sequences but does a decent job for the rest of it maybe because he probably didn't have to do much since the writing is good enough to sail on its own and Sylvester is amazing on both the roles with a good enough supporting cast. Rocky is the slow ride that is comfortable and in an appropriate tone to its characters and plot giving enough space for the actors and the audience to chew it in.

Reviewed by jamidude 10 / 10

More than just a sports drama.

Rocky was a hugely pleasant surprise for me, as I'm not into boxing at all and often fail to understand people's passion for sport. What I thought would be a standard sports movie ended up being an incredibly well told and wonderfully acted underdog story that has strongly inspired and uplifted me during the hardest times of my life. Sylvester Stallone has appeared in more bad movies than good, but Rocky is up there with his best. Rocky is a surprisingly endearing character, he's tough, not too well-spoken and a little dumb, but he's kind-hearted, loves animals and doesn't demand for much outside of not being seen as a bum. The other characters are excellent too: Adrian, Paulie, Mickey and Apollo Creed are blissfully cast and compliment Rocky well, they all have an important place in the story and the movie simply wouldn't work without them. Many think of Stallone as another generic action movie star, but to me, he's not John Rambo, Barney Ross, Judge Dredd or The Toymaker. He's the guy who inadvertently might've saved my life with this excellent film. He is Rocky.

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