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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meuniernorm 3 / 10

Misses The Mark

Let me start off by saying I'm the furthest thing from a prude. Like most men, I've seen my fair share of porn and then some. I've lived through porn's "golden era", (i.e., pre-videotape and pre-internet).

Porn used to be very expensive to buy. It also wasn't very high-def either. This so-called documentary almost goes out of its way to be as blurry as those old VHS tapes were. The documentary is structured as if you just came in the middle of something, and no background or context is provided.

It takes a hardcore subject, and illustrates gang bangs and other raw activities in such a way that it already puts into question the morality or lawfulness of what they are doing.

Most documentaries about porn or its actors often tend to portray the negative side,casting its participants as hapless unfortunates drawn together for the sake of a quick buck or infamy. The girls have Daddy issues and the guys have big dicks and unmatched libidos.

To an outsider (i.e., those who haven't seen much porn), it almost always comes as a shock. You only get to see one side of the game. It all seems like chaos and indulgence. Rocco's duality, between his sex drive and his pious Italian upbringing appears to the reason why he's left feeling empty inside. Religion has a long tradition of treating sex as sinful and vile. But Rocco made his decision early in life to satisfy his earthly needs, and deal with the morals and ethics down the road. It's all an empty gesture to claim sorrow over choosing a life of porn, screwing every single fantasy woman imaginable.

To me, it's all "first world problems". I have zero sympathy for his internal demons. Men in his position could have handled their super libidos in many different ways. To start crying the blues now just seems pathetic and dumb. There are millions of men who suffer every single day NOT having sex, or living with ED. Rocco's over-abundance doesn't move me to tears.

Just about everything in this documentary is designed to confuse, misdirect and prop up the man as a tragic character. I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. Boo hoo, boo hoo... poor old me. I'm washed up as a porn actor, and I've suffered for my craft. Sure buddy. Whatever. The way Italian men think of their mamma's as saints makes me puke, especially for those that are in the mob or make a living porking the babes. It all seems a bit hypocritical, in my eyes.

Rashida Jones' series on the porn industry is ten times better than this load of horse crap.

Reviewed by halukermis-938-228108 1 / 10

A documentary movie is not documentary

This movie apparently was done by Rocco financially. Since there is nothing about Rocco's real life and tried to idealize a porn star. First of all, we could not learn how his career started. the movie never informs us, that Rocco's wife used to be a porn actress herself.Instead, she draws a conservative wife. Why Siffredi shoots abroad and decided to be based in Budapest? At least that 2 points could be explained by Rocco. Shortly do not waste your time, choose another documentary if you should watch.

Reviewed by jake_fantom 1 / 10

A dreadful, stultifying exercise in self-aggrandizement

Financed by its "star," Rocco Siffredi, and struggling to show the amazing artistry and artistic anguish of this sagging, sad old porn actor and producer, this "documentary" will make you question the meaning of that term in present-day context. Siffredi was one of the pioneers of extreme porn, in which women are brutalized — slapped hard, choked, spit on — during supposedly "sexual" acts, and in this pathetic excuse of a film he tries hard to sell the notion that this is something that women not only enjoy, but demand from a sexual experience. Ultimately, despite what looks like a hefty budget and a lot of deeply anguished cinematic soul-searching on Siffredi's part, the whole enterprise has the entertainment value of two flies enjoying an intimate moment on a dung heap. These are pathetic people who have wasted their lives marketing low-grade filth to pimply 14-year-old boys. They are not particularly intelligent or interesting, they have acquired zero wisdom even though they appear to be in their sixties, and they are far from attractive in any sense. And here's your spoiler — Siffredi's soul-searching leads absolutely nowhere. The reason is simple: he has no soul. If you opt to watch this one, folks, invest in a good-quality vomit bag first.

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