Robot Overlords


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Ben Kingsley as Robin Smythe
Milo Parker as Connor
Callan McAuliffe as Sean Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevehylton-1 6 / 10

Seriously not bad

I picked this title up in a Dollar General bin, which is something I enjoy doing to find bad movies. This one isn't bad.

It's British... which pleasantly surprised me (I had read nothing about this movie obviously), the humor was Britsih, settings British... how refreshing to not see a Sci-Fi movie set in a big city... just normal people.

It had Gillian Anderson which is never a bad thing.

The story was simple, and the ending obvious, but still... It was fun, the effects weren't bad, the dialogue had humor and Ben Kingsly as a bad guy made me smile.

It's 90 minutes of unpretentious fun, try it.

Reviewed by riesel72 6 / 10

I shouldn't have Liked it, but I did & don't know why,.. it wasn't bad

The production values are great. Acting is good. Special effects are good (CGI is realistic & not fake looking, blending seamlessly). Great variety of locations. Cool props. Cinematography & editing are spot-on. The characters acted realistic instead of dumb - and yes, they celebrate the small things in life since they have been denied those little victories for years; although there was almost zero character development, personalities or background other than for the main 2 people. The robots were ruthless. The dialogue was natural. Yes there was one extremely cringe-worthy moment at the very end* And there are two major, MAJOR plot points** that go unexplained. I don't mean a macguffin, it's practically the entire basis of the whole movie!! This is NOT one of those times when being ambiguous or leaving it to imagination. It would be like a M Night Shyamalan movie without an act 3. Other than the one cringe-worthy moment & 2 huge unexplained plot points, this was a competent entertaining movie. Not great, but not bad. I think I liked it more than I should because it was executed so well. If I had bought a ticket to see it in the theater instead of Netflix, I would say it was money well spent and not a waste. Basically, very entertaining if you turn your brain off*** but thankfully those are very very few moments ... .. . SPOILERS: * Who needs CPR when a kiss will work just as well? (Suffers form Transformers 2-itis: have the girlfriend push the medics away and proclaim her love & repeatedly say I love you.. THAT always works better than any medical procedures.) ** How does the protagonist (& what makes him able to) control the machines? & What was the big ominous plan/end game the Robots had (that is constantly hinted at but we never find out.. over then robots like to download brains & learn stuff from individuals.) *** These alien Robots have the same aiming proficiency as a stormtrooper.

Reviewed by alwaysdrumin 10 / 10

Best movie i have seen in a long time!

The plot was unbeatable. The action was stellar. The effects were up there with Avatar. The acting was A1. I mean I can't say enough good things about this movie. Thank toy Netflix for actually giving us a GOOD movie to watch unlike usual. This movie captures exactly what it would be like to have Robot Overlords. My favorite part was the child like mediator that communicated with the humans. His representation of a half human half robot was impeccable. The fact that this movie was able to be produced on such a small budget blows my mind. This is why you should not trust Hollywood. They tell you it takes millions of dollars to make a movie when it really doesn't. Oh and the dub-step at the end of the movie is definitely going onto my playlist.

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