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Peter Weller as Officer Alex J. Murphy / RoboCop
Kurtwood Smith as Clarence J. Boddicker
Paul Verhoeven as Dancer at Disco
Nancy Allen as Officer Anne Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaxenross 7 / 10

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Not too bad for an action film like this, I mean it isn't considered as kick-a** as the Transformer films - but has a heart.

I thought the action sequences and bits of graphic violence were top-notch - after all, these were the real action flicks of the 1980s - and the production design including the use of matte paintings & practical effects really stood out for most of the film; even if was chessy at times.

There could've been some confusing plotpoints in the film - such as the missile weapon for arbitrary extermination - but they're easily tied up (which I did appreciate). An A1 little flick, but not as passable as The Terminator.

Speaking of which, I'd buy that for a dollar!

Reviewed by Moses Rodriguez 10 / 10

One of My Favorite Films About Humans and Military Reinforced Exoskeletons

This film is my favorite cop film because it really talked about the dangers of law enforcement on a human level. I like this film a little better than the Terminator film because Robocop seems to be more realistic on a sci-fi level. I wonder which film began first the Robocop film or the Terminator film. Robocop is more for real world small scale robotic first responder law enforcement and Terminator is more for apocalyptic science fiction missions.

Reviewed by XweAponX 10 / 10

I had forgotten this was Verhoeven

What was remarkable about this film, is that it was one of the very last times we had ever seen Ray Harryhausen style stop motion animation used in a feature film. The odd look was because they had to use Rear Projection. This film reflects all of the glory of 70's and 80's practical special effects. Everything we see here is on camera. The Computer displays were all done on Amiga.

The ED-209 appears to utilize the top half of a Sennheiser Microphone as a "Radiator Grill", I'd recognize the shape anywhere. Phil Tippet's animation is ingenious, giving unwarranted life to the 209's.

What makes this film are the small details, "I'll buy that for a Dollar" (Originally from "The Marching Morons" by CM Kornbluth, which was later the basis for "Idiocracy"), the little News clips, the phoney ads what are not too far fetched. These little bits were used well in the 22-episode TV RoboCop TV show from 1994.

And Rob Bottin's brilliant design of the RoboCop "suit".

As far as the actors, I didn't know who Peter Weller was. But he was perfect for the role. There is a "good" buisinessman, Miguel Ferrer, contrasted with the Bad Guy Ronny Cox, who Verhoeven also used in Total Recall. Kurtwood Smith and Ray Wise, who always show up in Star Trek things, were over the top crooks. The Kid who drives the van, played by Paul McCrane, was the guy in the X-Files that could walk away after a head-ectomy. In this film, the Old Man of Omni Consumer Products, played by Dan O'Herlihy is a lot more like the kindly old man who owns a company, this changes in the under rated Robocop 2, in which Irvin Kirschner does a good job of imitating Verhoeven's directorial style.

Overall, this one film served as a Template that was used in 2 sequels, 2 TV Shows, and one TV Mini Series of various quality. It's great to revisit these, it shows a wholly different way of doing things than what is used today. Also, anachronisms. Many of the things we see in these films, even though they are depicting the future, don't really exist anymore. Cameras that use Film. Computers that use Disks, and even today, Optical disks are not used much, it's all flash drives and SDcards. Telephones. Even Pay Phones, when was the last time you saw a Pay Phone on a street corner? And cars: The huge 6000 SUX, an over the top parody of so many huge Ford cars in the 80's. And we don't even see many of those cars anymore, everything is an SUV now. In some ways, the world was a much simpler place, even in the movies from that time.

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