Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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Sean Connery as King Richard
Kevin Costner as Robin Hood
Morgan Freeman as Azeem
Alan Rickman as Sheriff George of Nottingham
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Reviewed by ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Entertaining, despite it all

The summer of 1991 was a lousy one for movies; there were only a few that stood out amid dozens of crummy releases. The only movies that summer that I admired were 'Terminator 2,' 'Thelma & Louise,' and this one, which still stands as one of the most entertaining action-adventure movies I've seen.

No, it isn't a masterpiece, on any level. Yes, I realize that Kevin Costner lacks a satisfactory British accent (he doesn't even attempt one). But the movie is still a fun, rip-roaring piece of escapism, sort of like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' only without the special effects.

Costner may seem miscast as Robin of Locksley, but there's no doubt that he had the physicality and screen presence to convincingly hold our attention as a larger-than-life hero. He'd just come off 'Dances With Wolves,' and so it was a thrill to see him on horseback again (it still is, in 'Open Range'). I'm willing to concede that he's no Olivier, but in the action hero mold, he still cut an exciting figure.

I also enjoyed Alan Rickman's great, over-the-top portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Out of place? You betcha. Fun? Funny? Wicked? Hey, that's why we pay admission.

The sets are all dank and gloomy and wonderful. The action is well-staged and had audiences on their feet all those years ago. Sherwood Forest is appropriately dense and spooky-looking. OK, so the movie has Christian Slater in it. I didn't say it was perfect.

'Robin Hood' marked the beginning of the end of Kevin Costner's unanimous popularity with audiences. Everyone started playing the part of Hollywood bean-counter and worrying about 'Waterworld's' budget. But you know what I like about both these movies? No CGI. I am sick and tired of CGI movies. Popping the deluxe 'Robin Hood' DVD into the old player is a refreshing treat and a thumb in the eye of digital junk like 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Possibly the best Robin Hood movie ever made

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a movie that I've watched since I was a little girl and I still to this day absolutely adore it. Now granted I know that there was a few flaws with this film as I grew up and noticed that maybe Kevin Costner's accent wasn't so British or Christian Slater's. But if we all always complained about accents, I think we wouldn't enjoy movies as much. I love Robin Hood because it has action, adventure, romance, horror, magic, everything you can imagine is in this film. Not to mention that I think we got pretty darn good performances. My personal favorite is out of Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham, he is absolutely hilarious and a terrific villain. This is my favorite Robin Hood story of all time.

Robin of Locksley, an English nobleman, is captured and jailed in a dungeon in Jerusalem along with his comrade, Peter. With their execution inevitable, Robin engineers an escape, saving the life of a Moor, Azeem in the process; Peter dies in the attempt and has Robin swear to protect his sister Marian. Robin makes the long journey back to England with Azeem, who claims he must accompany Robin until the debt of saving his life is repaid. In England, with King Richard I gone, the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham rules over the land with fear, aided by his brute cousin, Guy of Gisbourne along with the precognitive evil witch, Mortianna , and the corrupt Bishop of Hereford. At Locksley castle, Robin's kind father Lord Locksley has been killed by the Sheriff's men, after refusing to join them for the Sheriff's unknown but treacherous scheme. Robin and Azeem arrive to find Robin's formerly luxurious abode of Locksley Castle destroyed and his father, murdered. Lord Locksley's loyal servant, Duncan, has survived, though his eyes were removed. With his lands and reputation gone Robin swears to avenge his father's murder. Robin then begins by seeking out, Maid Marian, the cousin of the king and his childhood friend. He is immediately attracted to Marian, although she does not return the feelings, which poses a problem because Nottingham also has his sights set on her. While Robin, Azeem and Duncan escape the revenge seeking Gisboune and his soldiers, they seek shelter in the Forest of Sherwood, where they come across Little John, and a large group of woodsmen, all of whom were outlawed through the tyranny of the Sheriff. After proving his skill in single combat, Robin is accepted into their group and eventually becomes their leader, though Will Scarlet, one of Robin's men, is constantly undermining his leadership. Robin encourages his men to fight back against Nottingham and begins to train them to defend themselves while they build weapons and homes in the forest, it's their time "to take it back".

If you haven't seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves I highly recommend that you do, honestly I don't know why anyone would not enjoy this film just a little bit. Like I said, it has everything to make a film great. My favorite scene, hard to choose from so many, is the ending battle scene where they discover that Robin Hood is alive and he is there at the castle to save his beloved Marian, it's a great scene that keeps you on the edge of your seat. So please just get past the accents, give this movie a chance, it's a terrific story and a wonderful movie that I will still watch and probably will even more so as I grow older. Besides I have to just to see Alan Rickman threaten Robin Hood with a spoon, lol, greatest threat ever.


Reviewed by Brad L. Wooldridge ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Swashbuckling Medieval Adventure at its Finest...

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was one of the best films of 1991, a triumph even over the special effects hype of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Despite the critics' complete and utter distaste for the film, I found it fun, well-acted, and fast-paced. Great performances abound including Morgan Freeman as the Moorish warrior Azeem, Alan Rickman as the hysterical Sheriff of Nottingham, and Kevin Costner as our stalwart Robin of Locksley.

There are great action sequences including the battle against the hired Celts and Nottingham's soldiers and the final confrontation at the climax of the film.

Finally, don't be put off by Costner's lack of an English dialect. It doesn't hurt the film at all, and is just something critics were instantly attracted to, as it is their job to find faults.

Highly recommended.

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