Robin Hood


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 95434


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Phil Harris as Little John - A Bear
Pat Buttram as Sheriff of Nottingham - A Wolf
Peter Ustinov as Prince John - A Lion / King Richard
Ken Curtis as Nutsy - A Vulture
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mecha_Brendo 5 / 10

Great soundtrack, animation,and voice acting, but over all, a boring movie.

I used to have a tape of this movie when I was younger, and I always remembered watching it quite a few times. When I thought back to the movie, I couldn't really recall about the movie, except the music, and a few random moments. I saw this was on Netflix, and I re-watched the movie with some friends. We all had the same reaction; the music, like most Disney films, was great, but this time, the plot was boring. The whole movie seems a bit episodic, and unfocused. I don't regret seeing it, though. This movie should be fine for kids, just something pop in, and entertain them for a while. Of you're older, I'd say 15 and older, this movie is going to be more boring than entertaining.

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 10 / 10

Why doesn't this get more praise?

I really like Robin Hood. The colours, the humor, the villain, the action scenes. I just think it has everything to be good entertainment for all.

It is a shame that it is rarely spoken of. I find it SO much better than the cutesy and lazy Aristocats which is really overrated.

Prince John and Sir Hiss are hilarious villains throughout the movie. Basically a spoiled brat who cries loudly when things don't go his way. It is hard to make such a person credible, but Peter Ustinov does a great job. And he also sucks his thumb, genius! Actually, the Sheriff of Nottingham is a far more cruel villain in the movie.

Robin Hood also has these great changes in atmosphere. From whimsical and colourful to dark and melancholic.

And the soundtrack is amazing! I don't care what others say, the songs are gorgeous. When the soft and sincere "Love" plays I cry every time, it is so romantic. You really feel the romance. And "Not In Nottingham" sets the perfect mood when all citizens in Nottingham seem to have lost all hope.

It also has some of the best suspense from a Disney movie and a good climax.

Go watch it yourself. I will not ruin the experience.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 7 / 10

Done to Death

There have been so many treatments of the Robin Hood legend. In this animated one, we are serenaded by the wonderful Roger Miller (who died way too soon). He plays a singing rooster. The plot is the old Sheriff of Nottingham going after the poacher and thief, Robin Hood. Robin wins the big archery tournament and hooks up with Maid Marion (they are both foxes or there would be some issues here). Of course, Prince John and the Sheriff will stop at nothing to get their man and use the threatened hanging of Friar Tuck to draw our amazing archer into the open. There's no question how this ends. The animation is truly striking and it's a nice story. You will recognize some of the voices though we must go back some time.

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