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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 2 / 10

Boring and Dull

"The Toymaker" is a boring and dull B-movie absolutely overrated in IMDb User Rating. The storyline is silly and the screenplay is excessively talkative. There is no tension and the one-dimension characters are awfully developed. The art of the poster is the only thing worthwhile in this flick. There is no credit song in the end; therefore it is not informed the song that the Toymaker is listening to in the radio (Bessie Smith maybe?). My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10

May I search your home?

This is the prequel to the Robert series. Quick synopsis: Doll maker, Nazis, magical book, Harriet Rees gives us a laughable death scene, Amos acted like an Amish man with a bad Ed Wynn wig. You could see the line of the wig. There were actually 3 animated dolls. We know why one was evil, but not the other two. No one can escape a doll armed with a deadly pencil.

Plot questions....Why did the puppet maker have a book with an English title (Dogs)? If the evil book was written by a man who studied the occult in Egypt and Tibet, why was it a Latin phrase (and a short one at that) which brings the puppet to life? What was with the burning of the shop scene? The plot was sloppy, filled with holes, bad acting and poorly conceived film. The puppet motion was comical as was the sound track. Stick a fork in it.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by vengeance20 3 / 10

Over padded plot overshadowing main point & purpose of film!

Bought this thinking it was the 3rd film & of course another sequel to see if the film franchise of Robert the Doll COULD get any better. This film acts as a part Part 1 of the final film, similar to that of the last 2 sequels to The Hunger Games! I thought this film would be a spin off in a way, but it had Robert i it so I took it to be apart of that franchise. The film seems to be in that pivot of being either not much better than the previous one or a hell of a lot worse!

This film goes back in time to 1941 Nazi Germany, the time of the 2nd World War. A family harbour a man carrying a book & the German SAS Agents are hunting him down, because he is the "enemy of the state". The family succeed in hiding him though know nothing about the book the man is carrying or it's contents. But the next day the agents arrive back with their boss & kill the family, knowing they were harbouring the man (who also dies too). The daughter then gets shot also but flees & dies from her injuries in a toy shop of dolls in a small village (rolls eyes) in front of a decrepit old man, who resembles Hugo! The man reads the book thinking it's nothing but discovers it's a spell book which brings dolls back to life, this includes yours truly & 2 others! But the agents are still hunting for the girl & capture the old man only for the dolls to come back & kills the agents holding their master!

That's the plot in a nut shell there, but the film itself is so over padded with story-line, that you forget what the film is about! It misses the point, you'd think it were an entirely different film! The killer doll theme seems lost & blurred in this over padded film with plot points & story! There's a few deaths which to be fair are better than the first 2 films which lacked in that department!

But the films theme & overall pacing seems to drag & you only saw a few minutes of killer dolls & murders, which even then, seemed to be uncreative & tame at best despite the bloody content!

The film seems to hang in a limbo. Which is why I'm not too sure what to rate it, but I'd have to say it's not a major improvement any more than it's predecessors.

It's tough but I think a 3/10 is as fair as it gets with this film!

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