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Melanie Griffith as Melanie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Morten_5 6 / 10

Incredible passion project

Containing some of the most incredible scenes ever filmed with actors and real animals closely interacting, "Roar" has become a cult classic.

The movie was the passion project of Noel Marshall, who wrote, directed, starred and also cast most of his family members in different roles. "Roar" became notorious for its troubled 11-year production, which resulted in 70 members of its cast and crew being injured by the many predatory animals used in the film. The strength of the film is the unique portrayal of a family becoming completely surrounded by masses of wild predators. The plot line, however, is not very interesting or impressive.

Reviewed by romarub 3 / 10


This script-less hodge-podge of a film is about as entertaining as a car wreck! It almost makes SeaWorld's former captivity and maltreatment of killer whales seem humane and inspirational! There seems little doubt that self-indulgence, bordering on the psychotic, was responsible for this exercise in stupidity and childish excess - with, perhaps, a hint of a death wish thrown in for good measure.

That laws were not in place to prevent the kind of animal abuse the film is reliant on, even at the time the film was made, is a sad commentary on our society. Thankfully, things have changed in the intervening years, denying the possibility of a repeat of the kind of fiasco this film represents. That anyone can find any redeeming quality in this production, especially if they consider themselves animal lovers, is beyond me. Abuse is abuse, and wild is wild. And sick, is sick - which is about what this film boils down to, especially considering its production history and background.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 10 / 10

A rOO-AAring good time

Having seen this viceral masterpiece again after 35 years, when I was just a young nipper, it had quite the same amazing effect, as it did back then. No other movie, has touched me, the way this one has. Featuring a young Melanie Griffith who looks really hot in that black outfit, she's surrounded by a group of unknowns, although I knew Tippi Hendren, but I really didn't follow her, although I had seen The Harrad Experiment. The thing about this great film, which you can call many things, it's a family effort, and it pays off as one great exciting, thrilling, exciting, scary, amusing and beautifully though provoking film, especially as far an animal killing is concerned. The song/montage, that precedes the end credits, had me bordering on tears, where earlier when a couple of those lions were taking out by that bastard hunting duo, for me, when those hunters were killed, it was a grand revenge moment. The film as I remember was rated G, which I found enigmatic, considering the blood and violence spared, the hunter duo attack, especially. The story has the estranged father who lives, loves and has formed a deep bond with all his lions, where the way he talks and passionately communicates with his babies, in his racy overworked voice, is something unique, as is his character. As slipping his mind, about picking his family up, they visit his beautiful African hacienda paradise, only to be confronted by and subdued by the lions, aswarm, where these beautiful agile creatures steal the show. The film work done here, following them with dolly and tracking, and a lot of up, close and personal, but so intimate shots are wonderfully done, just watching these scene stealers again, was beautiful to the viewers eye. The soundtrack cassette I had from this, has great songs, the racy, "Wouldn't It Be Great" is my favorite though, and a none more perfect song to this opening of that grand film, "This Is My Land". Lion lover, Marshall in the lead provides some funny lines, like saying to one of the hunters, who's face is covered in blood "It's only a scatch". Marshall's character, too, sacrifices a couple of wounds and scrapes from his primal friends, who sometimes a bit rampant, and we see a few times, which I found a little unnerving, tigers going at each others. Roar can fall into a few categories. You don't know if you should be scared or not by these lovable, raging lions. It's like a getting to know someone message, and Roar certainly makes his stand on the relationship between beast and man. It actually hones out a few messages, but this is a one in an only movie experience, a remarkable film, you just can't watch once. If there's one film, they should bring back to the big Aussie screens, this would be it, though I wouldn't be happy with it being, remastered. Why tamper with excellence which this movie is. It's hypnotic, and unforgettable, and at the end, you'll feel completely drained, thanks to the lions, in one beautiful, touching ending.

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