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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 963


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Kurtwood Smith as Security Guard
Joe Spano as Ace
Meat Loaf as Travis W. Redfish
Deborah Harry as Herself - Blondie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gf-78 8 / 10

Magnificent Musical Masterpiece

Just stumbled upon this movie by chance. What a great musical time piece it turned out to be! Nonsensical, quirky road movie with Meat Loaf (excellent acting), Blondie and others in a B-movie made for the ages. Keep an eye out for cameos, there a a handful not emphasized or dwelled upon. Heard of The Blues Brothers? Don't blink and you might see them (both movies came out the same year).

Reviewed by dneal18 9 / 10

great movie

I really loved this movie.It was very refreshing.Meatloaf was hilarious.I loved how he seemed to be out of it but focused all at the same time.He gave the term functioning alcoholic a whole new meaning.My favorite part is when he got out of the car on the plane and looked around like he just realized where he was,then opened the plane's door and saw they were in the air.Hilarious!Perfect!The musical guest stars are surprising and fun to watch,especially Blondie.I would recommend this to anyone.The part where he puts the power station together is inspiring.It auctually is possible.Of course they make it look easy but it makes you think,I could do that.The fact that he didn't even mean to be a roadie,he just sort of fell into it because he liked her is pretty funny and it makes the movie work.

Reviewed by michaeljhuman 6 / 10

Fun movie IF you are the right kind of person

I can see where many people would walk away from this movie thinking it was stupid. Well, in some ways it IS stupid. It's not highbrow after all.

Here's the skinny...

* It's a rock and roll movie (you kind of have to get rock and roll I think) * It's got Blondie (what more do you want? And the band does a cover of Ring of Fire...what more do you want??) * It's a romance of sorts, intermingled with silly sort of have to like silly craziness in movies... * It's got the makings of a cult classic, IMO; You can revel in it's offbeat characters and plot and thinking is highly discouraged * Meatloaf is really charismatic in it...hard to not fall in love with his innocence and integrity as portrayed * The countless mispronunciations of Redfish by the promoter are great - they bring to mind Guybrush Threepwood in the computer games series Monkey Island...does he EVER pronounce it right? * What's her name is pretty damn cute

Here's what you won't get - * A coherent plot (like I say, thinking is optional) * Depth of any sort (don't go looking for it, it's a shallow movie, nothing wrong with that) * Mainstream appeal (some people will never like it, it's too offbeat, but fans of offbeat comedies may love it)

Anyway, you know who you are. Some people like offbeat rock and roll comedies and some don't. Don't bother watching it if you don't.

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