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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LessThanPadraig 7 / 10

Stupid x 10, but that's okay!

I loved this film as a teen, it was stupid, crass, unrealistic, wacky, gross and crude...and when you're a teen those traits are what make films hilarious. It matters not if the film is critically acclaimed, back then what matters is the sheer wackiness mixed with bad words and OTT crudeness... I didn't expect to still like this film when I re-watched it recently, and I was wrong. I'm delighted to say that Road Trip is STILL funny.

Although, as important as Tom Green is to the film he still gives me the shivers a little even today, he played the part of a full-on looper quite well.

Films of this genre that come out nowadays just don't have the same feel as Road Trip. Road Trip came out at the end of the 90s kid era, and represented a lot of the great things about being a 90s teen. Admittedly, I was too young to watch it at the time but I can empathise with the era being born in 1992. With the exception of Superbad, not many great equivalents of Road Trip came out when I was a teen myself, kids of my era had to always look back a few years to the likes of Road Trip and American Pie for our laughs... not that we minded.

I plan to watch Road Trip again 10 years from now, I'm confident it'll still make me laugh even then. Peace.

Reviewed by liambl 6 / 10

The rating I give this movie is the same number of jokes that I actually found funny.

A college student finds himself in deep trouble after accidentally sending a sex-tape (one involving him and another girl he met at the college) to his long-distant girlfriend. This then sets him on a journey with his three friends to go on the titular "road trip" and retrieve said tape.

This film has your typical sex-comedy stereotypes:

Breckin Meyer as the laid-back every-man, Seann William Scott as the rude know-it-all, Amy Smart as the no-nonsense feminist, Paulo Costanzo as the wisest out of everyone, DJ Qualls as the worm, Anthony Rapp as the creepy nerd, and Tom Green as the "obviously autistic" pervert.

Aside that, this movie is actually quite funny for the most part; there's one scene involving SWS's character getting flipped off by a blind female receptionist, but there's a lot more where that came from. It's stupid throughout, but it has quite a charm to it.

Reviewed by powermandan 10 / 10

A Ton of Fun!

Road Trip is a feel-good college comedy that is both hilarious and heartfelt. The humour keeps the movie interesting and the heart keeps it from being stupid. Well, there are some stupid moments, but none of which diminish the overall result. The stupidity mainly comes from Tom Green, but who doesn't like pre-Freddy Got Fingered Tom Green?

The movie starts out with Tom Green as an eighth year college student at Ithaca University giving a tour to potential students, trying to sell them the idea of attending the school. He is not doing a good job, until he tells a story of what happened the year before. This is the main part of the film:

Josh Parker (Breckin Meyer) and Tiffany Henderson have been best friends forever and have been boyfriend and girlfriend since they started liking the opposite sex. Josh goes to school at Ithaca and Tiffany goes to school in Austin, Texas. They try to make their long-distance relationship work, with Josh even going so far as to mail her weekly video tapes (like Skype). But Josh is tempted to get with fellow-student, Beth (Amy Smart), especially since he is somewhat of a rival for her with TA Jacob (Anthony Rapp). After a party, Josh gives in and sleeps with Beth, recording it on tape. His roommate, Rubin (Paulo Costanzo) accidentally mails the sex tape to Tiffany. This beginning of the film is hilarious, even the scene when they find out the wrong tape was mailed. So Josh, Rubin, Josh's best friend E.L. (Seann William Scott) persuade their geeky neighbour, Kyle (DJ Qualls) to take his car and retrieve the tape. The adventure portion is classic road material. They crash a party at a black fraternity, donate sperm, crash Kyle's car, among other things. Meanwhile, Tom Green awaits Rubin's snake eating a mouse and tells Beth that Tiffany is in Boston.

Aside from the situations being hilarious, the characters need to be awesome too. Josh is Meyer's usual geek that he always makes work. E.L. is exactly like Stifler from American Pie. I don't mind, Stifler's awesome, E.L. could be his cousin! Rubin is a cool dude and really smart. He is awesome with physics and helps Josh pass his Ancient philosophy exam. Kyle is an ugly wimp who learns to stand up for himself. Tom Green's character's name is Barry Manilow. His obsession with seeing the snake eat the mouse is priceless. The film ends well and funnily too.

You can't really say that this movie achieves the status of excellence or anything. This is about enjoying college life. It is just a simple film to make people laugh, without insulting their intelligence.

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