Road to Perdition


Action / Crime / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 222364


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Daniel Craig as Connor Rooney
Tom Hanks as Michael Sullivan
Stanley Tucci as Frank Nitti
Jude Law as Maguire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrian-43767 9 / 10

Road To Salvation (rather than Perdition!) - Excellent Film!

From the very first frames showing Terry Hoechlin reminiscing about six weeks with his father, Tom Hanks, in 1931, this film has a classical look and structure, and it consistently adheres to those principles, on the back of a very solid and credible story, superb direction from Sam Mendes, wonderful cinematography, and acting of the highest order by all involved.

Tom Hanks and Paul Newman have seldom performed better, and Daniel Craig is unforgettable as Newman's cynical, thieving, and murderous son. The counterweight comes from Jude Law, a professional hit-man, who is completely absorbed by the subject of death, corpses, and photographing them as they perish -- a habit that will have consequences for Law by movie's end.

In line with its classical trappings, Road to Perdition is solid and it has only grown in stature since I first watched it. 9/10

Reviewed by Smoreni Zmaj 7 / 10

Great movie, but not my cup of tea...

Review for this movie puts me in dilemma. If I try to be objective I would be hypocritical to praise the movie that bored me to tears. At the other hand, I can not be subjective either because I'm well aware of all qualities this movie has to offer. Although not so original, story is strong, directing good and Best Cinematography Oscar more than deserved. Visually it has no flaws and some scenes are simply divine. Some say this is life achievement of Tom Hanks, but to me he is the weakest spot. He's completely unconvincing and maybe that's the reason that movie with so deep and moving story didn't left any emotional impact on me. Really big names are acting in this flick, still not one of them, except Paul Newman, left positive impression. Beside several really mighty scenes, movie was pretty much boring. I really wanted to like it, but it simply didn't happen. It's probably most fair to say that this is very good movie but not my cup of tea.


Reviewed by Behnam azizi 8 / 10

From The light to the dark and to the light again

Th cinematography was excellent. The movie starts with amazing scene of a boy biking on a snowy road that is still white on the surface but dark and dirty where it lies on the cruel and unfair streets of the city. The boy, However, keeps biking all infant and unaware until it gets dark and darker after that dark night he observed what is hiding beneath the question his brother asked "what is father's job". He started to realize it in a very difficult way which was also the only way to find it completely. The only way that could lead to that bright white light came in from the open window by the sea at the end.

The story was brilliant. I think it was all about the young boy, not his father and not the mafia and not the hardworking of a man who tries to keep his son safe. It was the path that the boy experienced in such a way that he could finally say: I have never touched a gun after that. From the white and light sense of the snow to the bright light coming from the open window by the see "Road to Perdition" is the story of finding the true redemption in life, even when you have no time, and it seems that you are no fit for it anymore.

Acting was priceless. Well, from a movie with Tom Hanks and Paul Newman together, You will expect nothing but the best in the matter of acting. And those brilliant stars of the history of the cinema didn't disappoint us. Jude Law and Daniel Craig has also shown an amazing performance to complete the best acting you can expect from a movie.

However, I must say the writing (scenario) could be much better, there was some unnecessary plots like long walking in hotel floors and far shots. At the other hand, there could be more focus on better character development for John Rooney fro example.

The directing could be much better as well. That scene of murdering John Rooney and his companions, For instance, was awfully far from what one can expect from a bitter unfortunate goodbye between a "son and father" like legend(in a bad way however).

Cinematography:9/10 Story:9/10 Acting:10/10 writing:7/10 Directing:7/10

Overall: 8/10

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