River of No Return


Action / Adventure / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 8657


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Marilyn Monroe as Kay Weston
Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder
Rory Calhoun as Harry Weston
John Doucette as Man in Saloon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 7 / 10

River of Return

You won't waste your time watching Robert Mitchum in any movie as he has proved himself to be an actor to take note of. In this movie, he gives a stable performance as a rugged pioneer type adventurer and good father who is trying to make a go farming in the wilderness. If things aren't hard enough, Indians harass, strangers become unpredictable and the work does not become easier. The rafting scenes remain fake but the real life shots of the river remain beautiful. Monroe detracts from the picture as being too much when she should be just a little however that is the part they wanted her to play. Unfortunately they like selling her as a sex object first and an actor second which comes through in some scenes almost like they were afraid the picture wouldn't do well and needed some additional assurance. The fact is it did do well and in no small part to Preminger's directing while filled with criticism still delivered a watchable entertaining film. Behind the scenes there was much ego and unprofessional conduct which reminds us all that wherever we go and whatever we do the people add or detract from the experiences. This film could have used more specific emphasis on the area and when it took place as that is always interesting history. Instead, they made it more for the actors than the viewers is how it came across. Good movie to snack by with a tasty drink and just enjoy watching a piece of movie making history with times gone by...

Reviewed by billcr12 5 / 10

Mitchum and Monroe

Robert Mitchum was teamed with Marilyn Monroe for this star driven vehicle. Bob is fine, but Ms. Monroe plays to the camera with a breathy, pouting demeanor which is annoying to the point of distraction. She sings a few tunes at a saloon while the patrons swoon over her. Her fiancé is the 40's b actor Rory Calhoun. The only thing I ever saw him in was a horror-comedy from 1980, Motel Hell. He steals Mitchum's horse and rifle on his journey to claim a gold find. The two stars spend most of the movie on a river with dangerous rapids. Mitchum has a nine year-old son with him to add to the intrigue and bring out Monroe's maternal instincts. It does not work on any level. Avoid MM's horrible affectations and look instead for several of Mitchum's better work, such as Cape Fear, Night of the Hunter, and Out of The Past.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Slightly dated western adventure teams Mitchum and Monroe

RIVER OF NO RETURN is a fairly standard western adventure that features the pairing of movie tough guy Robert Mitchum and the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. It's one of those river-themed movies which, like THE RIVER WILD, features the characters rafting down a sometimes turbulent river for much of the running time.

It's an acceptable enough piece of fare, one which has dated somewhat but still works as a harmless time-waster. Rory Calhoun's bad guy is never quite as villainous or as imposing as he ought to be, but there's a nice twist ending and Mitchum's bravado keeps you watching. Monroe is quite gracious although she does spoil things by singing a little too much. The back projection effects don't look very good these days but there are some fun stunt scenes to enjoy.

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