River of Darkness


Action / Horror

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Kevin Nash as Jayden Jacobs
Kurt Angle as Sheriff Will Logan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Jenkins 1 / 10

Dear Parents, If you ever want to punish your kids...here ya go

I'm pretty sure that if you are still reading the reviews on this movie by the time you get to mine, you're just doing it for the sheer schadenfreude of it. With that in mind, here is my review:

I'll start out by using a line from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" when King Arthur, Sir Robin, Bors, and crew encounter the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, "Run Away!! RUN AWAY!!!" Believe the hype, folks, because River of Darkness really IS that bad, and you really SHOULD run away.

Here are just a few of my favourite horrifically acted scenes: #1. Toward the beginning of the movie, Kurt Angle's character is either trying to say "Mother of God" or "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph", but what actually comes out of his mouth is "Mother of Mary and Joseph". Call me a slacker on my Bible lessons, but I'm really quite certain that Mary and Joseph did not share the same mother. Quite certain, indeed.

NEXT!!! #2. At a scene where a rabble of rednecks are sitting around talking about the murders that have just recently taken place, one of them is quick to point out that, "...there is an old wise tale..." Old WISE tale? Sure, I get it that there is such a thing as "old wise tales", but you can tell from the emphasis that the reddy puts on certain words that he was obviously going for "old WIVES tale". No one had the nerve to say, "CUT!!" and tell the guy the error of his ways?

And my favourite one of all: #3. Afer there have been several grisly murders down by ye olde River of Darkness, a scene happens along in this film that utterly defies explanation and logic. It starts with a woman sitting at a kitchen table and peeling potatoes, and it's dark outside. As she is peeling the spuds, her 7-8-year-old daughter comes downstairs, putting on her jacket and telling her mother that she is going down to the river (yes...the river of darkness) to catch crawdads or minnows or lightning bugs, etc. Her mother, wanting to be a good mother, asks her the following question, "Have you finished all your homework?" Really?? Yeah, really. And then, upon finding out that her daughter has been thwacked by said grisly murderers by the river of darkness, the mother has the gall to blame the frickin' sheriff!! Somebody call that credit card company because this is priceless.

A couple of things about this movie before I close. The writer/director of this movie and Kurt Angle are from Pittsburgh, PA, and since this is where the movie is shot, I feel pretty certain the powers that be on this film just went and raided the local Pittsburgh SAG Rolodex. All of the minor roles in this film...aka people that die...are either from Pittsburgh or have hardly any other acting credentials to speak of on their IMDb page. Also, there was an editor on this movie. ???!!!!! I know...that's what I said. Honest to Pete, I'd LOVE to see the takes that didn't make this film. Finally, it says in the IMDb file for this movie that it had an estimated budget of somewhere in the ballpark of 3.3 million dollars. I really wish they had spent some of that money on a decent camera. This whole film looks like it was shot from somebody's flip phone. Although, I'm pretty sure the most expensive cameras that money could buy wouldn't have been able to save this movie from becoming a soon to be viewed Mystery Science Theater 3000 subject.

Reviewed by danieljameswilcox 1 / 10


OK i am a huge film fanatic and have seen many horrible movies and still forced myself to try and enjoy it and find good points. i am also a major wrestling fan have been for 12 years which is the reason i decided to watch this film.

Please anyone that is reading this before watching the film DO NOT WATCH IT! it is awful in every way. acting is the worst i have ever seen from everyone involved. the film work is filmed like a old horror movie and even if you take that into consideration the film work is still completely terrible. i got 30 minutes through ( how i don't know) and i had to turn it off which is something i can never recall doing. ( as i said i always try to find good points.) Now moving onto the wrestlers. Kurt angle has disgraced himself and all wrestlers turned actors in this film. i actually felt sorry for him that he did this movie. Knash and Sid Vicous is where i turned it off after finally seeing them i realised there is just no chance this movie is getting better and they obviously did it for the money (which i hope wasn't much as they don't deserve it from this performance)

this is certainly the worst film i have seen 100% and if i find one worse i might start making movies myself if one worse than this can get produced onto DVD.

Reviewed by torstensonjohn 1 / 10

drastically a disaster of a film

WOW!!!! This is one word I can use as being tremendously awful. Where does someone begin with a film like this. Storyline was absolutely uneventful, characters were nothing short of uncompelling, cinematography was lacking throughout and the editing was sub-par at best.

Why do wrestlers insist on going into acting, Kurt Angles performance was sour and collectively did not fit the character.

The combination of slasher/paranormal/undead pairing was an utter "bomb".

Terrible, clueless, dreadful are words to describe the acting throughout the film. In fact this is pure garbage and in this film collector's eyes should have never been made. The audience as well as actors and people who worked on this film should all be given refunds for how terrible it is. It is 1hr 30 minutes of your life you'd like a refund on.

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