Rita, Sue and Bob Too


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PsychoKlown 8 / 10

We're having a gang bang!!

Where do i start? I brought my fiancé this DVD because he picked it out and i have to admit i was dreading watching it because i thought it would be sh*t, but i stand corrected it's totally funny i couldn't stop laughing. The story is a married man called Bob seduces the babysitters Ria and Sue in his car when parked out on the moors resulting in a hilarious sex scene. The three continue their relationship of casual sex and good times even though they know the truth will eventually be known.

As i said comedy is a big part of this film which is mainly from the common accents and swearing from practically the whole cast (especially Kevin, Sue's racist, drunkard dad). Other comedy moments are the old nosey neighbour (Hosepipe Harry) who spends the whole film watering his garden and the dance scene where Bob and the two girls are dancing to a song called "We're having a gang bang!" which is funny just for Rita's dancing (best moment in the film!) although a friend of Bob's wife (Fat F*ckin' Mavis) sees them and tells her leading to a full scale argument with the girls families and the married couple, which has more swearing in the 5 minute scene then a whole series of the Osbournes.

This is a great British film and anyone with a sense of humour will enjoy it!

Reviewed by shell-26 ([email protected]) 8 / 10

This is a vastly under_rated film

This was an excellent low-budget film full of strong performances. Set in the North of England it follows two schoolgirls and a philandering husband on what appears to be a dirty and sleazy romp. But none of these people deserve their grim and loveless lives. None of them are "bad" and there are no victims. This is not so much a morality play as an immorality play. When Bob says that his wife doesn't understand him, he is right. The "seduction" scene in the back of his car is one of the best ever. With hindsight, it is impossible to tell who is being seduced.

Made for TV by FilmFour the camerawork reminds me of a soap opera. The scenes are largely drab and impoverished but Rita, Sue and Bob have fun ! When they are together the world seems a better place. The scene at the dance with the terrible 80's party band Black Lace is wonderful, they are having a such a great time and it is in such contrast to their grim reality.

The ending is wonderful.

Reviewed by Andrew Cox 8 / 10

Funny, sad, sometimes grim, but not moribund.

This is quite a low-key film from Alan Clark. It is a sad, funny, warts-and-all story about social desperation, and how people seek escape and solace from it. George Costigan is excellent as the bored, 'nouveau-riche' husband who gets his kicks from seducing less experienced teenagers. The two girls are wonderfully played and their characterisations are true to life. This is also a film about the 'little' people. Some viewers might be offended by the use of racist language used when referring to Asians, and perhaps even the portrayal of Sue's Pakistani boyfriend as violent, but this is essential to the realistic depiction of working-class life in a decaying inner-city area. The funniest characters are Sue's drunken and obnoxious father, and the nosey parker with the hosepipe who's always got his eye on the strange goings on in the neighbourhood. This film also marked the highest moment of that dreadful party band Black Lace who perform a composition entitled 'Gang Bang'. It is the films bawdiness and honesty that makes 'Rita, Sue and Bob too' a minor classic of the long gone 1980s.

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