Rita, Sue and Bob Too


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomgillespie2002 8 / 10

Will unsettle some but delight others

British playwright Andrea Dunbar combined two of her stage plays to create the movie script for Rita, Sue and Bob Too, a movie which, in my family at least, is somewhat fondly remembered as a naughty and gleefully foul-mouthed comedy about an older, married man who starts a sexually-charged relationship with two schoolgirls who babysit his children. 30 years on, the subject matter could be slightly troubling, and it just may be exactly that for some people seeing it for the first time. Yet with the tagline "Thatcher's Britain with her knickers down!" and the socially aware Alan Clarke at the helm, it's clear that the film is much more than a titillating throwback to the Carry On days, and paints an incredibly grim picture of working-class life in Bradford, and of Britain as a whole.

Rita (Downton Abbey's Siobhan Finneran) and Sue (Michelle Holmes) are two bubbly and outgoing girls making some extra cash on the side by babysitting for middle-class couple Bob (George Cositgan) and Michelle (Lesley Sharp). While driving the girls home one night, Bob takes a detour to the moors where he proceeds to have sex with both of them, one after the other. The threesome start a potentially damaging relationship, with the girls having to deal with a troubled home- life and the pressures of school gossip, and Bob coming under scrutiny from his wife, who he has cheated on many times before. As Bob and Rita grow closer and Sue finds herself in an abusive relationship with young Pakistani Aslam (Kulvinder Ghir), close bonds are broken and lives are ruined, when all Bob really wants is to get his rocks off.

It is a film that would never get made nowadays, but Clarke's film never attempts to make any stance on the morality of the characters' actions. For a guy who sounds like a complete scumbag on paper, Bob is a surprisingly likable, if obviously flawed, chap. Rita and Sue are so loud, abrasive and willing to participate in the bizarre three-way that they it's impossible to view them as victims. The picture painted by Dunbar and Clarke of a crumbling Britain in the grip of austerity suggests that the central characters are acting out of boredom and to escape the banality of their suffocating environment. It is a socioeconomic drama cleverly disguised as an old-fashioned sex farce, and succeeds in being socially observant and laugh-out-loud funny. The introduction to Sue's frenetic home- life is a mixture of amusing one-liners and kitchen-sink angst, and this lopsided tone is consistent throughout the rest of the film. With its lack of ethical judgement amidst such a potentially creepy subject matter, Rita, Sue and Bob Too with unsettle some but delight others.

Reviewed by jduck1979 2 / 10


One of the few movies I've ever come across that was so bad I gave up watching it after about 20-30minutes when it was shown on TV some time back. Seriously, it was that bad. It was worse than watching paint dry.

Even the most badly dubbed Godzilla movie is a million times less painful than watching this. The only things I can think of that are more painful than watching this nailing your genitals to a tree, or electrocuting them with a car battery.

This movie could be used as a drug-free method of artificially inducing a coma. It really is that bad. I cannot think of a worse movie to waste your time watching.

Reviewed by ChrisN12 10 / 10

One of the finest British films ever made?

I will always remember the first time I found out about this film. It was when I went to the cinema in the autumn of 1987 to watch 'The Untouchables' and saw the words "15 trailer advertising 18 film" flash up on the screen. This trailer, of course, turned out to be for 'Rita, Sue and Bob too'. When the trailer reached the point where some of Sue's many brothers ride their motorbikes around the arguing families, I was speechless. There is an extraordinary, almost hypnotic sensation as you see the motorbikes circle the families in an intimidating manner. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned this scene because it is so memorable and was quite rightly chosen to represent the film in 'The Arbor' when that film was made.

There are so many other scenes in the film which take realism to new levels, some where they seem to create a new form of cinema. Take for example the scene in which you see two dogs playfully fighting with each other. Not long after this, you see a TV showing a documentary about dog ownership which seems to have been made specially for the film and which add a new dimension in realism. There are lots of little details like that that celebrate the banality of everyday life. It is almost like a documentary, but at the same time ins unique in many ways. For example, there are no white teenage boys in the film, other than Sue's brothers.

The criticism of the film's sex and bad language is, in my view, a bit harsh. The use of the F word is actually somewhat less than in many more recent films. The only explicit sex in the film occurs early on in the car when Bob has sex with the girls and it was was probably only there to ensure an 18 certificate. The film never becomes tasteless or offensive in the way that many other modern films about similar subjects are, as there is a warmth and affection throughout it. This, paradoxically, is probably because we do hardly see anyone actually kissing each other or becoming too emotionally involved and so we can view the film from a comfortable, neutral viewpoint. It is in some ways, like a Carry On film for a more adult audience. Even the title is deliberately ironic, designed to make people think that it is a soft- porn comedy along the lines of the 'Confessions' films of the mid- 1970's. It is a bit of those, and a bit of everything else, but above all it is a savagely ultra-black comedy and a sociological satire.

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