Rise of the Footsoldier 3


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 807


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Kierston Wareing as Kate Carter
Craig Fairbrass as Pat Tate
Daniel Stisen as Bouncer
Dave Legeno as Big John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steviehicks 8 / 10


I wasn't expecting much when I put this on. I thoroughly enjoyed the first original ROTFS, The second installment however wasn't great, but I was more than pleasantly surprised with this one!

Craig Fairbrass was brilliant, one of the best gangster actors around, and I do think he is very underrated as an actor.

If you like sex, violence, drugs, 80's and Essex, then don't hesitate and put this on. You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewed by richardsheldrake-85347 10 / 10

Rise of the foot soldier 3 - Great Film

Craig your acting in rise of footsoilder3 the violence the clothes the soundtrack it's all first class bloody Oscar performance m8. Thoroughly enjoyed Pat Tate mannerism and the sound track is great. Can't wait to buy the DVD. Keep making movies m8 and I loved the Mercedes and Hugo boss shirts!

Reviewed by suzyleeq 10 / 10


One thing that really stood out for me in this movie was the guy or should i say the actor who played the lead character of Pat, Craig Fairbrass, OMG!! TERRIFYING!!!! I'm not disrespecting him when i say this but he has to be one of the most underrated British actors of all time IT'S INSANE!! - seriously if Tom Hardy or Ray Winstone had played this role the critics would be screaming from the roof tops of how marvellous they were. Where has this guy been??? Why is he not in bigger main stream movies? He's actually better then some of the big US actors Ive seen, so natural, I mean totally believable, very manly with oodles of screen presence and if i say so myself kind a ruggedly handsome for an older guy and i don't usually find older guys attractive , but i kept thinking OMG!!! He would make such an awesome Punisher, I mean he is Frank Castle or even Negan in the Walking Dead. By the way i have now joined IMDB to have my say and to check him out fully and I have now compiled a to do watch list of all Craig Fairbrass movies :) I really hope he has more movies coming out soon.. yummy. UNDERRATED MOVIE STAR :(

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