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Dolph Lundgren as William
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianlouisiana 3 / 10

Like a "Tom and Jerry" movie................

What a pity Steven Segal got old.I can just see him lumbering along the cell passageways knocking aside friend and foe alike,beetled of brow and trying to remember which side to put to the camera. As it is we have a gentleman named Matthew Reese who may have more speed and energy than Steve but lacks his baleful charm and self - awareness. He plays a cop involved in a bank raid(the best part of the film) in order to get arrested and take revenge on a mobster who had killed his wife. "Riot" has a bigger body - count than "Where eagles dare",most of the prison population of the U.S. fight each other unconvincingly.there are plot lines that wither an die every few minutes and some girl on girl action that may please those who like that sort of thing. Dolph Lundgren is the only person I have ever heard of that is in it and it was premiered in Nigeria. It really is that good.

Reviewed by beltran-32978 1 / 10

Had no expectations and still got disappointed

Why are you giving this crap high ratings? Are you blind? Have you even seen this garbage?

If there was a score for failing every aspect of an action movie, this one would get 10/10. My kid's kindergarten yoga class has more action.

There is no point of discussing acting, directing, script, etc.

Avoid! Even if you just want to pass the time, avoid!

And Dolph, is this how you want to be remembered? You used to be something, man...

Reviewed by rodrig58 9 / 10

Very entertaining indeed!

I like movies with action in prison, they have something special, when they are well done. And this movie it is one of those. I had a very pleasant surprise, watching it, I did not expect, I thought it is probably another dozen failure. But no, it is very well done, from all points of view, directing, image, music, great fights(you don't want to meet Alena-Danielle Chuchran), excellent stunts, actors' play. Dolph Lundgren's coolest role from all the movies I've seen. It's the story of a tough guy, Jack Stone (Matthew Reese - a very nice breakthrough for me) who goes to jail to... but no, I will not tell you the story, as other people do, just watch it and you'll not regret it, it's really worth it!

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