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Anne Hathaway as Jewel
Leslie Mann as Linda
Rodrigo Santoro as Tulio / Soccer Announcer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 9 / 10

Blue the blue macaw

Being kidnapped since he was a tiny blue macaw, an endangered bird species, he ends up in the hands of a caring, lonely girl, who raises him as her best friend. One day, a person specialized in birds comes to her door, asking her to come to Rio in order for Blue to meet a lady bird of his kind and hopefully repopulate. Thus, a big adventure starts, one in which three misfit bandits try to get their hands on the birds for a big amount of money.

It's a wonderful animation which presents the life of Blue, how he's raised by his human friend and how he meets Jewel, a beautiful female macaw, with a mentality on the opposite end of his. Their adventures are well described, with much emotion, managing to maintain interest throughout its entire length. I have to say that the start is a bit slow and somehow rushed, but from there on, laughter and good will are due to form a great atmosphere from which you don't to exit. I must also mention that this move is really hilarious, being able to make you laugh pretty often, making the overall experience a real treat. The story isn't fabulous, but it does its job well, making enough room for its characters to display whatever they desire, and they do it with style and plenty of fun. As you would expect, the animation is top notch, a true delight for your eyes, especially when it presents complex, far away scenery, made almost specifically to impress.

Overall, I found a very good animation, which has a good story, great characters, looks amazing and makes you laugh quite out loud from time to time. A must see for any animation fan.

Reviewed by Enchorde 8 / 10

Entertainging animation

This is another of the modern animated movies. Beautifully and colorful animation, good characters, but above all, a good story full of jokes and fun action. Throw in a dash of music and singing, and the set is complete. Rio got it all. A bit too full of clich├ęs and predictable to be a top notch movie, but entertaining all the way.

Reviewed by Ole Sandbaek Joergensen 8 / 10

It has a lot of things going for it

This film is great, it has a lot of things going for it, the very rich details in the landscapes and the characters, but also the colors, voices, jokes and story.

I saw it with my wife and kids, and even though the youngest one could sit still all the time, she still loved it and thought it was great.

I especially liked the details, I haven't been to Rio, but I can imagine this gives very rich overview of the city. The colors and "effects" where very great, and it brought this film all the way out in the theater hall. I also liked the very rich animal life, I mean there where a lot of different animals in this movie and that spiced it up and gave it life. It has a lot of imagination and characteristic just like all the different characters had in Ice Age.

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