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Syd Wilder as Alissa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevocbk24 1 / 10

Is this a movie?

This "movie" is a psychological test to see how much you are willing to put your mind through. I'm sure the actors are solid in other ventures, but good lord this movie is one terrible one liner after another. This is glaringly obvious the moment the driver opens his mouth. I urge you do not watch this "movie" unless you are prepared for an all out assault on your intelligence. There are zero redeeming qualities in this.

Reviewed by mroczkowski 9 / 10

What Terminator 1984 should have been

I'm an uber driver and found this film truly inspirational. I can now put a creative twist into my mundane day job. The main character is practically an obese terminator. The acting is superb. A lot of female dialogue except I didn't catch what they said due to staring at their chesticles. This film catches Los Angeles women personalities perfectly. Pushup bras and brains of a squirrel. I took a star off due to inaccuracies of Hollywood. I read that the Director spent 60% of the film's budget on recreating Hollywood Blvd in Kalamazoo, Michigan where this was filmed. I live in Hollywood and can assure you this isn't how it truly looks. Also in one scene the main character took half a tainted hamburger out of a drugged out girl's hand. He didn't eat the hamburger but in real life a man of his stature would surely finish that veggie burger off. Anyways, I spent a lot of time contemplating if this masterpiece should replace JAWS as my lonely Saturday night special. YES with confidence. Waiting for the BluRay release.

Reviewed by swannbrock 9 / 10

I was pretty skeptical going in

Most of the other reviews on here were so glowing I was suspicious. Its actually a really good movie though.

I'm hard to scare, and this movie doesn't really try to be scary or tense at all. It is however absolutely creepy and has just the most disturbing guy at the center of it.

I'm going to call this a low budget masterpiece. The cinematography is decent, the lighting is creepy, the music is good, and the writing is pretty tight.

All in all worth watching.

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