Ricki and the Flash


Action / Comedy / Drama / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
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Meryl Streep as Ricki
Mamie Gummer as Julie
Adam Shulman as Total Foods Customer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 4 / 10

It's that music, it's great

To tell the truth, when I went to see her I knew what she was going to see and it did not surprise me, it's a family comedy but with two great actors. But with that music that makes you dance in the armchair, who does not finish seeing even knowing that it is bad. It is more even in the end, with the end you have, but you are smiling.

The characters are bad, does anyone expect something different? But the truth is Meryl and Kevin are always great. She puts you in the movie and even knowing that as a mother is bad, but you can not help but catch her darling.

In this film I do not believe that it is necessary to analyze it technically, it is not made for that, nor is it worth the analysis of anything

Just have fun with the music and let yourself go

Reviewed by gbkmmaurstad 6 / 10

Another Aging Rocker Story

Linda Brummell a.k.a. Riki Rendazzo (Meryl Streep), leaves her husband and children behind to live a Rock-n-Roll life. She's been somewhat successful, but now plays in local bars at night and works at an organic grocery store during the day.

While his 2nd wife is away, Riki's ex-husband, Pete (Kevin Kline) calls her and asks her to leave California and head back to Indianapolis to be with their daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer/Steep's real life daughter). Julie is very depressed, looks a wreck, could use a shower, and is generally miserable after her husband leaves her for another woman. Riki heads home unsure of what to expect and wondering what kind of help it is that she can really offer.

Riki's boyfriend, Greg (Rick Springfield) is just as tired of Riki's self absorbed ways as her family is. This is one of those modern day screwed up families that seems to find their way. Good popcorn movie.

Reviewed by dierregi 5 / 10

Not all movies can be great but this could have been better

With Streep, Kline and Demme on board one would expect very little going wrong. Add a script by Diablo Cody and make sure it does. Streep is Ricki (Linda, actually) an aging rocker who left her hubby Pete and three kids in unexplained circumstances. Ricki pursued her musical dream in LA without much success and is currently holding a day job as checkout cashier and a night one as singer of the titular band.

The script wants us to believe she has no money, but I thought she should be a bit less strapped for cash, with two jobs and probably some royalties.... anyway, let's believe Ricki is poor, but still enjoying a decent life with loving band member Greg.

One day Pete calls to inform her their daughter Julie is "depressed" because her husband dumped her, so Ricki flies to Indianapolis, where Pete lives with his second wife in rich bourgeois environment, way above Ricki's humble LA lodgings.

Ricki's kids are resentful, but it should be noted that kids always blame parents, regardless of their failings. However, Ricki manages to help Julie and patches up her relation with the other two.

On the good side, Streep is OK as Ricki, with her flaws and unpleasant sides, but also her frustration. As a mother she could not have "two" dreams and was forced to chose either the family or the music. Streep also sings decently and is quite believable in her standard rocker "uniform"of black leather and unflattering hairdo. Kline is also good in an understated performance. The scenes in LA are more interesting than the ones in Indianapolis.

On the less good side, the title is as bland and uninspired as most of the story. Streep's daughter plays Julie and made me wonder why children of famous actors do not try different jobs to spare themselves some embarrassment. For one Michael Douglas, there are the kids of Glenn Close, Kevin Costner, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks etc... who all tried and failed at acting. Streep's daughter is OK, but will never be able to compare to her mother, so hers seems an exercise in futility.

Although plenty of music is played in the film, the score fell flat for me, with not a single goose bumps musical moment. One of Ricki's kids is gay for no other reason than adding controversy to an already sticky situation (or to get some PC on board). Leaving the - already mediocre - music angle aside, this is a major blame feast with an illogical ending.

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