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Lee Pace as Bo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwcstorage 4 / 10

If not for the ending........

I would likely have rated this higher if it wasnt for the ending. Overall it was a fun little sci-fi romp with absolutely unique looking machines invading and killing lots of squishy Earthlings, but it ends where it feels like there should be at least one more major action sequence left.

The movie was fine, with (mostly) passable acting. The main characters were nothing amazing but they did their jobs well enough. The aliens came in a few different flavors but other than the standard Tall baddie dont expect anything memorable. Same goes for the scenery which consists of blown up and run down places.

There are plot holes and dangling threads hanging out from the script unfortunately. We get several big revelations at the end, and where a better movie would have gone on to make these reveals mean literally anything, right when you're expecting the final showdown........credits roll. -_-

Some complain about the foreign languages being spoken as inaccurate, but unless you speak them it wont matter and there isnt much in the movie either.

If you want a popcorn sci-fi and dont mind a little frustration, this might be a fun watch. I wouldnt recommend it as a rental, but if its free with your subscription, and you have a couple of hours to kill, go for it!

There is one unique moment that had me laughing. If you watch the movie you will undoubtedly see it too... its not a spoiler but I'll be a bit vague anyway. About half way through the movie, the protagonist and his female friend are trapped between a couple of buildings and out in the open during a firefight. When a random human dies, the plucky hero plucks the now-dead guys gun straight outta the air! It is pure schlocky glory!

Reviewed by LordJiggy 6 / 10

Better than it had a right to be

It's a decent enough Alien invasion movie. Made great use of an unusual location, and Lee Pace shows promise as heroic leading man material.

Clearly a small budget, and once more proves that not having unlimited power or bankbook isn't necessarily a bad thing creatively. Film-makers had to come up with imaginative sets and emotionally involving characters, not just throw CGI as the story.

Only a few really flawed moments and the writing could have been a little better. But, overall, worth the time.

Reviewed by davehurst-18141 9 / 10

The actor, author, and director captured the essence of a genuine heros heart.

Cinematography, story line and characters were off the hook made me want to stand up and cheer .... You could not be ashamed of this human who would lay down his life to save others. You can tell he will have a brothers handshake. Nuf said. Well done... give it a nine so people who see it will argue and give it a ten. this is gona be a classic. Regular guy who has the heart of a hero.

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