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Lee Pace as Bo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LordJiggy 6 / 10

Better than it had a right to be

It's a decent enough Alien invasion movie. Made great use of an unusual location, and Lee Pace shows promise as heroic leading man material.

Clearly a small budget, and once more proves that not having unlimited power or bankbook isn't necessarily a bad thing creatively. Film-makers had to come up with imaginative sets and emotionally involving characters, not just throw CGI as the story.

Only a few really flawed moments and the writing could have been a little better. But, overall, worth the time.

Reviewed by davehurst-18141 9 / 10

The actor, author, and director captured the essence of a genuine heros heart.

Cinematography, story line and characters were off the hook made me want to stand up and cheer .... You could not be ashamed of this human who would lay down his life to save others. You can tell he will have a brothers handshake. Nuf said. Well done... give it a nine so people who see it will argue and give it a ten. this is gona be a classic. Regular guy who has the heart of a hero.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

functional alien invasion movie

An American soldier (Lee Pace) in Africa faces an unknown foe. He is knocked unconscious and wakes up in a police jail cell next to Nadia (Bérénice Marlohe). Without memory of even his name, she calls him Bo and tells him that the world has been invaded by aliens. They escape to search for his base while dealing with remnant government forces, rebels, bandits, resistance fighters, and the formidable alien drones.

The CGI action is fine. It's becoming easier to make a functional one of these. The story isn't anything special. There are some questionable logic in the last act. It doesn't help that Nadia gets taken before then. This is fine up to a point. This ain't no District 9.

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