Reversing Roe



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dolphinfish 3 / 10

Don't Misunderstand

Any lawyer without a dog in the fight will tell you that R v Wade is legal garbage. The Supremes at the time wanted it, so they made it happen. The judge can always find a way, and Roe was the ultimate example of judicial activism. That fact, the imposition of something without constitutional sanction by people controlling the levers of office, is the single most salient point of the whole abortion debate, and it goes completely unaddressed in this film. With that in mind, there can be little doubt that the movie is pro-abortion. Add to that the fact that the pro-abortionists are presented as the reasonable default and you are not going to like this film if you have any conscience over the issue of abortion.

Reviewed by Mike Bennett 1 / 10


This film pretends to be a documentary presenting the abortion argument in a factual manner, however it spins so far left that it should not qualify as a documentary at all...but rather it is nothing more than thinly veiled, pro-abortion propaganda.

Reviewed by amberwatts-46670 10 / 10

We will never go back

Opposition to abortion was never a "woman" issue, but always a political tool used by men in power to control women. It is a proven scientific fact that pregnancy & child birth is more dangerous for a woman than a safe & legal abortion. Every person. male & female, needs to watch this documentary & demand & vote that the right for a woman to make her own choice about her own pregnancy be protected by the constitution. Her rights are not a tool for male politicians to use for their gain.

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