Revenge of the Nerds


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John Goodman as Coach Harris
Curtis Armstrong as 'Booger'
James Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick
Anthony Edwards as Gilbert
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Reviewed by Sam Panico 7 / 10


Best friends and nerds Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine, son of "skinny Dracula" John Carradine and brother of David Carradine) and Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards) are excited to attend Adams College, but are instantly kicked out of their dorm by the Alpha Betas, who have burned their house down. Sleeping on cots in the gym, they find other like-minded misfits and decide to create their own fraternity.

The film follows the 80's comedy blueprint: a simple premise is stated, then hijinks ensue. Here, it is: "Nerds go to school and fight jocks, then hijinks ensue."

Battling Alpha Betas Stan (Ted McGinley, he who has caused many a TV show to "Jump the Shark"), Burke (Matt Salinger, son of J.D. and star of 1990's Captain America) and Ogre (Donald Gibb, Ray Jackson from Bloodsport), our Nerds overcome adversity and become a probationary Tri-Lamb fraternity. Ironically, Lambda Lambda Lambda has always been an all-black frat. And the boys only have one black member, the stereotypically gay Lamar.

That means that Tri-Lamb president U.N. Jefferson (Bernie Casey from Gargoyles!) has to come visit the boys. They throw a party that is boring until Booger's (Curtis Armstrong) drugs get involved — welcome to the 80's — and everyone loses their inhibitions. However, the jocks disrupt their party, leading to Jefferson coming around to the guys as he senses discrimination.

The Nerds take their titular revenge by conducting a panty raid and putting liquid heat into the jock straps of the football team, leading to Jefferson making them a real frat. However, the harassment can never stop while Stan is the President of the Greek Council. So the Nerds need to win the Greek Games during homecoming so that they get a vote — which they do so via a combination of their intelligence, more drugs and some questionable decisions (more on those in a bit). Oh yeah — and there's also an 80's synth music number.

The jocks trash the Nerds house, but Gilbert decides to speak up at a pep rally. The dean, U.N. Jefferson and a group of big black Tri-Lambs stand up for him and the Nerds ask all the disenfranchised in the audience to join them. The dean tells the jocks that they have to give up their house until the damage to the Tri-Lambs house is fixed, saying, "You're jocks, go live in the gym." Everyone celebrates. The end.

Except, well, there are some troubling moments.

What bonds the Nerds and brings them together? A panty raid, as the boys descend on the Pi Delta Pi sorority house, stealing panties, chasing women and placing video cameras, through which the boys watch the women while they go about their daily lives. In the 80's, this was considered a prank. Today, we'd call it rape. But it gets worse. Much worse.

In the Greek Games, a pie-selling contest determines much of the final score. The Nerds win by using nude photos of Betty (Julia Montgomery, The Kindred) under the crust of their pies. Again, this is abhorrent behavior. But it gets worse.

There's also a kissing booth, where Lewis attempts to make his move on Betty. She is replaced with a large, unattractive woman, showing that even the Nerds place an emphasis on physical versus internal beauty, no matter what hardships that very same prejudice has put them through. Then, Lewis steals Stan's costume and tricks Betty into having sex with him. Yes, the hero of this movie knowingly ignores consent to have sex. This is pure and simple rape. This isn't a snowflake looking back on a fun remnant of our pop culture past. This scene has bothered me since I first watching this film on VHS. Even worse, Betty falls instantly in love with her rapist, asking him if all Nerds are this good in bed.

I haven't even gotten into the racism of the film, which posits all Japanese as horny photograph taking morons through the Takashi character. That said, Brian Tochi, the actor who played Takashi, is credited "for breaking the barriers and opening doors for East Asian people in entertainment in the U.S., and advancing the perception that Oriental actors have the ability to portray more mainstream roles." Those mainstream roles also include Cadet Tomoko "Elvis" Nogata in the Police Academy films, who acts just as ridiculous as Takashi (but doesn't have his own corny Asian theme song). Or just how stereotypically gay Lamar is.

But to me, the worst sin of the film is that when the Nerds win, instead of treating their opponents with the care that they never received and teaching everyone an important lesson, they instead relegate the jocks back to the fate they had once suffered. No one learns anything. The cycle repeats and now the jocks become the Nerds who have become the jocks. This reminds me of how insular societies — wrestling fans, comic book lovers — can be more hate-filled and clique obsessed than their worst perceived enemies.


Reviewed by a_chinn 7 / 10

The original "Big Bang Theory," 1980s style

I suppose this isn't exactly a Slobs vs. Snobs comedy, but it follows the same basic premise with loser nerds setting up their own fraternity in opposition to the jock fraternity hegemony. It's really nerds vs. jocks, but the film follows the same basic underdogs versus ruling class story structure. Although the comedy formula is familiar, it did have an original take on social class with it's nerds vs. jocks storyline. The film drips of 1980s from the soundtrack to ridiculous looking robots to some pretty awful stereotypes of Asians and gay men. For a supremely crass comedy, the film does boast a strong cast that includes Robert "Django" Carradine, Anthony "Top Gun" Edwards, Timothy "The West Wing" Busfield, Curtis "Moonlighting" Armstrong, James "Babe" Cromwell, John "Monsters, Inc." Goodman, Bernie "Hit Man" Casey, and Ted "Love Boat" McGinley (okay, McGinley doesn't count as strong casting, but he is funny). You also get a terrific 1980s style Thomas Newman score, which I loved. My bold statement regarding the film is that without "Revenge of the Nerds" we may never have gotten "Big Bang Theory." Overall, this film is comic fluff, crass, and completely disreputable, but it's also nostalgically quite enjoyable for anyone who grew up in the 80s. If a pretty sorority girl screaming "A nerd saw me naked!" seems like comic gold, you'll probably enjoy watching "Revenge of the Nerds."

Reviewed by Nerdman Shyamalan 8 / 10

Good 1980s comedy

Animal House is of course the best college comedy, but this film would come in at a close second. There are plenty of good bits here that will surely make you laugh, but I do believe that the film could have used a bit more work in terms of the script, but as a whole it works and this is among the better comedies of this period. This is one of the few college comedies that has some of the most memorable characters and for that, it remains a classic college comedy that will surely entertain you. The cast make it a fun film to watch and it is definitely a fine 80's comedy that will entertain you from start to finish. The story is simple, yet memorable in the long run.

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