Revenge of the Creature


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Clint Eastwood as Jennings
John Agar as Prof. Clete Ferguson
Brett Halsey as Pete
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Reviewed by Eddie Cantillo 10 / 10

Revenge of The Creature (1955)

Revenge of The Creature (1955) Starring: John Agar, Lori Nelson, John Bromfield, Nestor Paiva, Grandon Rhodes, Dave Willock, Robert Williams, Charles Cane, Clint Eastwood, and Brett Halsey Directed By: Jack Arnold Review Hello kiddies your pal the Crypt-Critic here, now here's an amazing creature feature sequel, probably even so good we'll need to get revenge on Hollywood for not making enough of these types of movies. In this sequel the creature from the black lagoon is captured by scientists and transported to an aquarium in Florida. Professor Clete Ferguson has opted to help the aquarium keep a hold of Gillman while studying the creature. Helping him is Helen who is a college student also looking to study the creature. The Creature is obviously attracted to Helen and one day grabs her and breaks out and unleashes his rage upon the land in the name of love. I just really enjoy this film its a lot more fun for me. This film was made to capitalize on the success of the original film. Its the same kind of fun creature feature sequel you would come to expect out of this monster. The gillman has more screen time which is cool it's always expected to see more of the monster or killer in sequels. The acting is quite good, acting was a lot different then but that's just cause time was different either way for what it was it was amazing. This film is one of the best sequels and would be the forefront (I believe in many horror sequels) I'm giving Revenge of The Creature a five out of five.

Reviewed by capone666 6 / 10

The Vidiot Reviews...

Revenge of the Creature

The reason you don't see Gill-men in the ocean anymore is because of plastic grocery bags.

Thankfully, this horror movie occurs before those choking hazards were invented.

Sedated and removed from his natural habitat, Gil-Man née The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Tom Hennesy) awakens from sedation to find himself at Marineland.

In captivating, he's abused and put on display by his new handler (John Bromfield). A psychologist (John Agar) and an ichthyologist, Helen (Lori Nelson), study him in the off-hours.

When he escapes, Gil-man exacts his revenge on his cruel captor and kidnaps his new crush, Helen.

An animal rights analogy disguised as a drive-in B-Movie, this 3-D sequel doesn't have the same production values as the landmark original, but it does deliver an impactful message on animal captivity and its deadly repercussions.

Incidentally, the best way to kill a Gil-Man is to drag it ashore for a selfie.

Yellow Light

Reviewed by jsk32870 3 / 10

Unfortunately, this is dreadful

"Revenge of the Creature" has all of the markings of a film that was quickly thrown together to capitalize on the original's popularity the previous year. I am partial to horror films, however, I will be the first to admit when something is just not good.....and this film is just not good.

Multiple nonsensical events are portrayed the boat captain telling the explorers, while they are cruising to their destination, what happened to the previous expedition the year before when five people were killed....what? They are just hearing about it now, when you arrive at the Black Lagoon? How about having this discussion when they first ask to hire you to make the trek? That, you know, this might be really dangerous, five people were killed, etc.? Just silly. Then, they manage to capture the Creature, but back in Florida they put it in an open-air tank, despite knowing it has killed at least those five people (from the first film) and it can walk, it's not a fish that is restricted to the water. THERE IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY THAT THIS THING CAN GET LOOSE AND CLIMB OUT OF THE TANK. But that's OK we'll just put a chain around his leg, that works. Wow, so stupid and so bad. No one would do this. After the Creature eventually escapes (surprise!), he then proceeds to live in the ocean, despite his previous existence in the Amazon River Basin, fresh water? There is no way the Creature should be able to live in the salt water of the ocean. Total idiocy. In addition to being a complete rip-off of the plot of 1933's "King Kong," this film is, sadly, nowhere near as good as the first "Creature." I was surprised how bad it was.

Most egregious was the fact that for a horror was incredibly slow and boring. This cannot be forgiven. I think the total body count was three (four if you count the dog), and none of them occurred until an hour into the film. And one of those was incidental, an unfortunate casualty of the Creature when it was trying to escape. The other two were near the very end. Where is the horror? Where is the suspense? The film felt like a bad soap opera until the Creature finally gets loose. But then the shoddy story-line continues, because the Creature, who apparently has a crush on the girl in the film (hello again, King Kong) shows a fantastical ability to find the girl no matter where she goes in Florida. In her house, at a restaurant, you name really? This was just so poorly written it cannot be excused.

Current rating of 5.6, poor as that is, is actually over-rating the film; it's no better than a 3. Not even Clint Eastwood's uncredited film debut can save this clunker.

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