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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 7 / 10

Visually engaging.......

Generally speaking I dislike revenge style flicks. I Spit On Your Grave and its modern incantations were for me simply too gory and on a certain level, repulsive.

Revenge manages to manage the gore factor by toning down the excesses of many of its counterparts. Its got its blood and guts but its not by the bucketful Equally, much as the key female protagonist might be out for her ounce of flesh, the approach is not overtly or creatively sadistic.

Balancing the violence of this film is a certain style and artistic flair. There's some real cleverness in the use of visuals. The ants creeping over a partly eaten apple is an interesting metaphor that hints at what's to come in the first quarter of the film. The clever transformation of the female lead from urbanised party goer to feral mud smeared gun toting wild woman, is handled with a certain care that shows in the final product.

Given this film is in one sense rather basic in terms of its story and narrative the fact I rate it quite highly is a testament to how effectively visuals and action have been married up to produce a really engaging experience. 7/10 from me.

Reviewed by sjgalaxy 7 / 10

Coralie Fargeat has has Talent and Vision

Same old revenge story but with original vision. What i loved about the movie is it's violence and gore and sound some scene in this movie i was cringing hard.I am looking forward to see her next project.

Reviewed by johnnyutah31 3 / 10

Asks way too much of you

I know sometimes with revenge films you have to suspend your belief somewhat, ignore little things here and there because you just wanna see this person be vindicated, but this film is just a little too outrageous.

We're supposed to believe this woman freed herself from an impaling by lighting the tree on fire? Then under the influence of a drug that renders her painless, she heals her wound shut basically, walks around the desert heat barefoot and kills everyone. And the last guy standing also is superhuman. He gets blasted to the stomach with a rifle, wraps himself in plastic wrap and walks around the house in circles like nothing lol

If it was a little more grounded then it would've been more enjoyable.

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