Return to the 36th Chamber


Action / Comedy

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Chia-Hui Liu as Chao Jen-Cheh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WhitmanPriceHaddad 7 / 10

Classic Kung Fu Fun!

This movie is one of the many "Kung Fu" action films made in Asia in the late '70s - early '80s, full of cheap sound effects, dubbed dialog and lightning fast martial arts action. But unlike most films of this genre it also has a decent plot and lots of great comedy. When workers of a dye factory are forced out of their jobs by Manchu bullies, they hire a con-artist (Gordon Liu) to try to scare them off. When his attempt fails miserably, he cons his way into a Shaolin temple to learn to fight for real. But instead of making him a Kung-Fu student, the Master instead orders him to build a scaffolding to cover the roofs of all 36 chambers. Well, it turns out that while he's performing these menial tasks (stacking and tying bamboo poles) that he's learning the skills to be a Kung-Fu expert! It's sort of like in Karate Kid when Mr. Miagi teaches Daniel the basics of karate by having him do routine household chores- "Wax on, wax off" et cetera. There's lots of great comedy from beginning to end, and plenty of action at the end when Gordon Liu once again faces his Manchu tormentors. "This time it's not just tricks- it's the real thing!" Liu declares, proudly thumping his chest. If you like classic Kung Fu films you don't want to miss this one!

Reviewed by sfstendebach 6 / 10

Much inferior to the original

I was disappointed my this movie. I wasn't expecting it to be better then the first one, but the comedic element definitely hindered it.

Gordon Liu once again stars, but his time he plays an actor impersonating his character from the first one. It is an interesting concept. Basically the plot is the same. The manchus are oppressing a dye factory and hire someone who looks like San Te to fool the manchus. Gordon gets his butt kicked so he goes to Shaolin to actually become a shaolin master. Once he learns kung fu he goes back and frees the dye workers.

Its not a bad film, but all the comedic parts got really annoying. I am a big Gordon Liu fan, but a consider this one of his weakest roles.

Reviewed by poe426 7 / 10

Workers unite!

When the Republicans- sorry: the Manchus- take over a factory and promptly strip the workers of EVERYTHING but their undies, Jen Chieh (Gordon Liu) attempts to do good by standing up to the oppressors. He's a con man and he pretends to be a kung fu master come to set things right. The workers aid in his deception, but he's found out and has his *** handed to him. Determined to make good on his promise to DO good, he sneaks into a Shaolin temple in the hopes of learning a useful trade (i.e.; kung fu). There, too, he is quickly discovered (so much for being a good con man) and is promptly charged with building a scaffold. This he does for a full year. Unlike in THE 36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, where he literally walked on water after some strenuous training, Liu here learns the less demanding "scaffolding kung fu." Among the techniques he masters is the use of bamboo cords (which comes in handy during the final showdown). More comedic than its predecessor, RETURN TO THE 36th CHAMBER is nonetheless worth a look.

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