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Hugh Quarshie as DI Reed
Sean Cronin as Christian
Guy Henry as Death
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dredstimpson 2 / 10

Not as bad as a 1 out of 10, but it was fairly uneven

I was drawn in by the premise and the review average. (IMO: NO movies deserves a 1 or a 10)

Actually the 10/10 review is not for this move, but for a series by the same name. I was trying make sense of the movie, but it seemed that the only motivating source was the revenge aspect of the main protagonist. okay, I can't go on with this, to sum up: Cops were inept and not relevant to the story or plot, spooky hitman - no comment, bad guys at the 'hideout' were bad at being bad guys. I'm done. oh, most violence is implied (off screen) made it through while only nodding off a few times.

also IMBD: something seriously flawed with those ratings: 50.1% of people rated this an "8" and Jack Reacher is a "7". (it is, but that's my point. I liked Reacher, I loathed this)

Reviewed by cmoidamien 1 / 10

Terrible movie

Actor are bad, stories is yet another "badass patriarch avenge a female". Its trying to be violent and provocative but its just really really really bad. i cannot understand the rating. It have a cheap feel, in a terrible way.

Here are good vengeance gritty UK movies if you like the genre: Dead Man Shoes (a real classic with great performances), "Ill sleep when Im dead", Harry Brown (ok, but overrated) and the excellent "The hit" (1984)

Reviewed by ronflowers 1 / 10

It's actually your basic slasher movie in disguise.

I couldn't figure out how this movie had a rating above 6 while all 3 reviews list here gave it a 1. After wasting an hour plus on it, I now know. I like a good revenge movie. Charles Bronson set the bar. But this movie is only good for people that want senseless violence, torture, and a blood lust, but not for anyone with a mature brain that likes movies that make some sort of sense.

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