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Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 8 / 10

For a British film, this is very good!

As a Brit, i rarely watch British movies due to my personal taste of simply disliking them, but 'Retreat' is a rare exception. The main plot is catchy and i'm glad i gave this film a chance. 'Retreat' has great performances, very good directing along with a nice film score. The bad guy became a bad guy by circumstance. The film becomes an issue of if he can be trusted or not. The husband and wife characters don't know whether they can trust him / whether this guy is paranoid and crazy or whether he's telling them the truth, the viewers are made to relate to these husband and wife characters due to the movie doing a very good job of keeping the audience in the dark as well.

'Retreat' is a very tense thriller with a minimal cast, there should be more movies like this with a great plot and with literally only a few characters, films like this are proof that a movie doesn't need to have a big number cast to make a film great.

The only thing that is wrong with this flick is a couple of comments of sexism coming from the bad guy "Jack", example - when he tells the husband that they can't allow the woman to make all the decisions, and the scene where he puts food out and tells her to make him breakfast, when he can easily make it himself (but then again that particular scene was a means to an end for that moment, it was set up to simply build a tense outcome, but still they could have done that outcome in a different way without the sexism).

'Retreat' has quite a few plot-twists and the very end scene is shocking and unexpected.

If you like thrillers, i recommend renting this film on Amazon Prime Video.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Uneven single location thriller

RETREAT is a single location thriller, cheap to make and even cheaper to watch. The quality of the script is slightly above average which is what keeps you watching this one, even if the trappings and direction come across as a bit lacklustre. The story sees unhappily married couple Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy holed up in a cottage retreat off the coast of Scotland, only to have their home invaded by a psychotic soldier, as played by an against-type Jamie Bell, warning of a plague epidemic on the mainland.

This is a story of ambiguity and supposition, with the viewer unsure of what's really happening. You do find out, but not until the last third of the picture. Until that point it's quite uneven, with some heightened emotion scenes which play out quite well, but at other times the film feels a bit maudlin and long-winded. Murphy and Newton have unappealing characters and Bell is the most fun addition to the cast with his edgy, unhinged portrayal of a desperate man.

Reviewed by puppyaddict 9 / 10

Very good psychological thriller, keeps you guessing!

Rating this a bit high (it's really a 7-8) because clearly there are some trolls out there panning it because they either just like to pick apart movies that overall are well done and enjoyable so that it makes them feel superior, or because they are completely unable to empathize with others (the characters), or they were expecting a horror/action movie like 28 Days Later. That is not what this movie was intended to be, but it does its job really well!

This is, once over and done with, a heart-rending psychological thriller that will make you think you have it figured out, and then something slightly different in the characters' behavior makes you think maybe you were wrong--right up until the end. Acting is excellent (once you understand the full background and motives, all the nuances really make sense!), as is the direction, cinematography, and writing. Yes, there are a couple minor flaws in the logic of our protagonists (yup, I was thinking "why don't they clean and bandage his head?) but these things aren't really critical kill shots to the overall enjoyment of the movie, or how the plot and the characters' relationships to one another develop.

Plus, I think unless you have walked a mile in the shoes of someone who has been through what these characters have, you cannot rightfully claim that they are behaving "irrationally." Everyone thinks that if they are in the liquor store when the robber comes in with a gun, they will be the hero who will see the potential of a makeshift weapon on a store shelf & use it to disable the robber. Yet most of the time in real life, that person, in the rare case when they actually manage to get past being frozen in fear throughout the ordeal (or going along with things to save their *ss), either ends up causing someone else to be very dead, or winds up very dead themselves. That's reality, and how someone might deal with their personal tragedies and secrets they are keeping for fear of losing the love of their life is I think not something we can judge for others. So I do find the characters, all three in fact, to be quite believable, and the antagonism we see from the wife is perfectly explained by revelations later in the film. Finding out the reasons behind their behavior provides an interesting window into the psychology many of us share, where our guilt over something causes us to project blame onto someone else, or to put forth anger or any number of redirected emotions.

If you simply don't like slow-building thrillers (NO, this is NOT a gory horror movie), don't watch it. Otherwise, enjoy!

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