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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tenagon 5 / 10

Nice story, but little dialogue

The plot is quite nice, but there are too many quiet minutes in this movie for me to enjoy it. People do stuff without speaking to each other, like pulling a gun on someone or getting shot and saying nothing. Which is a shame cuz this is actually an action/conspiracy movie that could be much more. but I found it boring.

For this reason I don't recommend this movie to average joe's (like me). if you don't like to watch movies where 10 minutes pass and nothing is said, and you are used to Hollywood movies, this one isn't for you.

5/10 since the story is ok

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10


Its a film about medical experiments ,betrayal,and alotof bad dreams in sedativa hypnotica.i think this is a blur of a movie,made for the psycodellic viewer,there are some traces of excitement,but it was to me a bore.

Reviewed by Australian1 3 / 10

Silent movies had more dialogue!

For a start, what's with these movies where you watch 5 mins then they go 6 days earlier, 6 months earlier.... Start a story and get on with it and stop with the interminable confusing flashbacks! The "plot" for this movies could have been good, but minutes pass with just a moaning soundtrack and either someone is sitting in a train saying nothing, doing nothing, B&W close-up scenes of things, of people's faces, well part of a face, part of an action, too much macro shots becomes very annoying. One loses the thread going back and forth... Can't recommend this movie. The whole script/dialogue must have been one page!

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