Resident Evil: Retribution


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 121615


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Milla Jovovich as Alice
Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield
Oded Fehr as Todd / Carlos
Ali Larter as Claire Redfield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb020-643-129772 2 / 10

It was differentÂ…

WellÂ… this movie is like a game. Watching this movie is like watching a kid playing one level of video game. But you're watching this during 1.5 hours.

During first 15 minutes of the movie I had only one thought in my mind: "what a hell is this?"

There is no plot, no catchy story like in previous parts. Here you have several blocks and a lot of stupid shooting and fighting without a hint to be a bit realistic. The final fight is like a raping of your mind - too much FX's, too less reality and common sense, it's against everything good in the world.

Actors are great. After a deadly injury a character doesn't show any sight of the pain except in his words.

Dialogs in the movie are fantasticÂ… If you'll write down all the lines of all characters, you'll hardly fill 1.5 pages A4 size.

Watching this movie a felt like I'm fooled - creators didn't want to work to make it interesting, they used CGI+FX+fighting+shooting without everything else that makes movie worthwhile, and sold it to me using a bright wrap.

People were leaving the movie theatre in the middle of this picture.

Hope next movie will be much better.

Reviewed by blrnani 4 / 10

Video game lacking any audience appeal

From the opening credits, which show the immediate continuation of the previous film (but in reverse) onwards this feels like watching a videogame that some other unknown person (or perhaps a machine) is playing. Consequently it feels entirely contrived and there is no viewer involvement at any level, as it lacks both the structure and character development of a film story or the participatory element of a videogame one is playing oneself. It has got to the point where there are so many manufactured and or rebooted versions of the Alice figure and other participants that the entire series has lost any meaningful connection for the audience, despite the director's attempt to persuade us otherwise, as the multi-rebooted Alice decides to protect a child who was manufactured for the role of daughter to a manufactured suburban version of her. Basically, with all this cloning, anybody can be destroyed and brought back to serve a plotline that is becoming increasingly absurd. And we all know that clones aren't the real thing, but likely to be programmed by Umbrella, or the Red Queen, or Wesker, to serve some nefarious purpose that I have lost interest in knowing about.

Reviewed by shanu-r2200 6 / 10

Resident Evil Retribution is just a Time Pass film in Resident Evil Film Series, but nothing more.

Resident Evil Retribution: Movie Review.

I enjoyed the film to a certain point. The movie has some major issues but at the same time its a fun time watching zombies getting kicked by Alice. Resident Evil Retribution is a visually spectacular, stunning, stylish film with amazing and awesome 3D effects and character design. The cinematography is fantastic and the fight sequences choreography is excellent. The locations and set pieces are dazzling and innovative. The performance of Milla Jovovich is good and strong.

The major issue with the film is that the story is very weak and convoluted and characters are very underdeveloped. The sequences are very fast paced and are confusing and complicated. Some scenes are dull and boring. The movie lacks proper and smooth structure and the characterizations are heavily underutilized due to the weak script and unconvincing screenplay.

(Please Note: That This Review represent only my professional point of view and my personal honest opinion about the film, and does not represent others. Thank You).

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