Resident Evil: Extinction


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 167568


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Milla Jovovich as Alice
Oded Fehr as Carlos Olivera
Ali Larter as Claire
Carsten Norgaard as Zombie Steve
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nachtlager-10229 5 / 10

First Movie in the Line.. all about...

This is the First movie in the complete rest line / Series of Resident Evil, who is not anymore Canon with the CGI Movies or the Games! The Real Character Movies themselfs are good. But they are only BASED ON! They have more and more nothing anymore to do with the True Game / CGI Story... Worst of all. Its a fact. That more or less, from this movie on is All about Alice. Leaving complete any logic behind.

Reviewed by merem1 8 / 10


This is a good movie. Good and solid popcorn entertainment. The acting from the cast is good overall. Milla Jovovich delivers a cool performance, the supporting cast are good too. The setting in the desert with a convoy of survivors fighting zombies in the ruins of Las Vegas was a interesting idea. The movie is like Mad Max with zombies and it works pretty well. The action scenes are exciting. The film has a good amount of blood and gore. I like the characters in the story. I cared about them. The film moves along at an alright pace. I enjoyed Resident Evil: Extinction.

Reviewed by xamtaro 6 / 10

More Mad Max with Zombies than Resident Evil

The word "extinction" points to an end, the dying out of a species, the final full stop after a long story, usually coming after a series of disasters that drive home the finality of the situation. And what better way to do that to a movie franchise based on a video game than to totally disregard anything to do with the source material in favour of a clich├ęd mish mash of other well loved movies. We are in familiar post apocalyptic territory as the events of the previous RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE has led to a global T-Virus outbreak which is implied to have caused lakes and rivers to dry out and the land itself to die, turning the whole continent into a barren desert. Las Vegas is covered to its buildings' rooftops in sand, zombies roam the land, cannibal gangs lie in wait for unsuspecting victims, survivors form convoys to stay alive and on the movie. Good golly, it's MAD MAX all over again and every other post apocalyptic movie ever.

Some time has passed since the end of RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE and the virus has spread, slowly killing the world and mutating its population. Alice, now cursed with psychic powers, wanders the desert of central USA searching for survivors. A convenient twist of fate puts her back together with former allies Carlos Olivera and L.J, along with new companion Claire Radfield and her convoy of survivors heading toward the ruins of Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the Umbrella Corporation is desperate to replicate the special powers that manifested in Alice, creating clones and putting them through conditions that replicated the events of the first RESIDENT EVIL movie. Another series of convenient twists put Alicia back on Umbrella's radar and head scientist Dr Issacs will stop at nothing to recapture his lost Super weapon.

Ties to the video game are nearly non-existent here as we are throw into a rather generic post apocalyptic wasteland type of tale. The cast does their best with the material they were given but they never go beyond generic archetypes. It is hard to distinctly describe each character only because they are so bland. Newcomer Ali Carter barely resembles Claire Radfield from the video games. This is a major disappointment after how Sienna Miller perfectly portrayed the video games' Jill Valentine in live action. Which brings me to my other pet peeve: where's Jill? Where's the little girl from the previous movie? All this is never explained. Instead we are treated to a half hearted attempt at a character arc with Alice feeling more disconnected with her human feelings thanks to her growing powers. Some form of digital correction seems to have been applied to Milla Jovovich's face, giving this slightly off focus effect. Maybe it was meant to make her seem less human but it just serves to emphasise her lack of emotional range, keeping her stern stare and neutral expression looking even more artificial than usual.

What makes up for all these short comings is the amazing production design and the action sequences. The costumes, vehicles and facilities are uniquely crafted and just screams "badass". And this movie sports some of the best looking action sequences courtesy of director Russel Mulcahy (of Highlander fame). His wide crane shots and sweeping cinematography make the otherwise generic fight scenes look a lot better than they should.

With connection to the games all but severed, we could call this movie "Alice in Zombie Land" or "Fight of the Limping Dead" instead of "Resident evil". It is the best looking entry in the series with the best fight choreography and camera-work but Character development and motivations take a back seat to sweeping action pieces and one too many convenient twists.

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