Repo Men


Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 94075


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Jude Law as Remy
Liev Schreiber as Frank
John Leguizamo as Asbury
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rob Broekhof 8 / 10

Great analogy!

This movie is a great analogy between what happened due to "the innovations" in the financial world. Example: "Sure you need to buy this house and sign for the mortgage ... you owe it to yourself ... you owe it to your family" ... And a couple of years later they take away your house and leave you with a great debt that also ruins your life and may even cost your life. More and more people are not able to cope anymore and commit suicide and sometimes even kill their own young children to "spare them". The people that come to collect or sell your stuff can be compared with the repo man. They can do it, until they're a victim themselves ... What I didn't like about this representation of how the system has become way more important than what is was for ... is the amount of blood. Still, it makes it all the more horribly and painfully clear what we're dealing with here ... What I liked about the story, is how it's presented that the bond between two people ain't all that clear. It was astounding to find out how it finally turns out what Jake has arranged for Remy.

Reviewed by jabrbi 3 / 10

Lacks Believability

I tried to like this film, I really did, but the whole premise of the film was so skewed from any possible reality where the events in this film could occur that I couldn't suspend my disbelief for 5 seconds nevermind the whole film.

In some future, where the USA medical system is even more f***ed than it is today, people can buy/rent/lease replacement body organs. If you rent/lease then you have to keep up with the payments otherwise the Repo men will come and take the 'spare' parts back. I can live with that idea.

Where things start to go wrong is that the Repo men are allowed to kill you to get the parts back. Pardon? As a Repo man you can commit legal murder just to get a mechanical liver back? Really? I doubt it.

Then Jude Law, Repo man, has an accident where a portable defibrillator wrecks his heart and he gets a mechanical replacement from the company he works with. Inevitably he falls behind on the payments and he becomes one of the hunted. However, the heart damage is caused by faulty equipment, supplied by the company he worked for, so surely the equipment manufacturer or the employer would have paid for the heart replacement. If you're going to extrapolate modern society into a future where you can rent/lease spare parts and have them repossessed, then surely you wouldn't agree to take on a spare part if you couldn't find someone else to pat for it.

Once you start to question the setup of the future society more and more unlikely rules/laws intrude to ruin watching the film - such as not being allowed to fly out of the country with a rented/leased body part. Really? You get scanned at all points of exit to stop you fleeing with your stolen or overdue parts. It just doesn't make sense.

There just isn't enough logical consistency to this film to allow the plot, such as it is, to unfold before you. You could try and keep watching it in a completely detached manner, but then what is the point of that?

Reviewed by darksyde-63508 2 / 10

rip off city

Remember that horror/musical "Repo: The genetic opera"? No? Well apparently the makers of this movie did. Cause its a major rip off of the afore mentioned movie, except without the amusement or the singing. A "repo man" who's job it is to reposses the replacement organs of patients who fall behind on their payments begins to question his job.

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