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Peter Dinklage as Sam Bloom
Julia Ormond as Carolyn Dunn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by insuwhoo 8 / 10

Why I like this 3-star story so much

After seeing this, I wondered why I liked this 3-star story. So I watched it again. Dinklage's excellent performance showed how much he could enhance a so so screenplay.

Director Mark Palansky's vision and direction was very good, except for one character. He should have directed him to drop the stereotypical hysterical lunatic interpretation..Rest of the cast were very good.

Jane MacRae's use of Tripi's music and editing was superb. Her editing was the major factor that made Rememory so good.

Alicia c. Snee's lighting was fantastic. She managed to have the bright rooms match the moody overcast outdoor light. On the first watch I did not notice that going from moody outdoor scenes to a well lit room were not visually jarring .The directors story-boarding and MacRae's editing made the transitions smooth. It was all of them in synch that made this a rewarding 105 minutes.

Reviewed by ed_bardo 10 / 10

The Reason I Watch For Movies I Never Heard Of

OK, so I travel on long haul flights all the time and decided to load up my tablet with movies I had never heard of on release, particularly science fiction. I watched films funded by fund-me sites to new, made-for-streaming movies. Of all that I have seen, this one made my shortlist of treasures I would never have found if it wasn't for this "take a chance" approach.

Without any spoilers, or details on the plot (as those are supplied in abundance here), let me just say this is a quality piece of film making that deserves exposure. It reminded me a bit of Brainstorm, Douglas Trumbull's great film. Please take the time to watch this movie and share it with your friends if you like it. I am going to do the same.

If you are interested in seeing my list or review of small time, sci-fi films you probably wouldn't watch or have heard of unless you looked, contact me and I will post those titles in list form.

Enjoy this film!

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg 5 / 10

I wonder what I could find in my early life

Mark Palansky's strange "Rememory" is an OK, not great movie. While watching it I started wondering what sorts of things I missed when I was too little to fully understand the world around me. The first world event that caught my attention was the Gulf War, so what was I doing when, say, the Berlin Wall fell? Hell, I wonder what was in the news at certain moments that I remember from my earliest years (e.g., the winding down of the Cold War). It would be interesting to be able to go back to those early years and see what was going on around me that I missed as a tyke.

Anyway, the movie itself is nothing special. Maybe worth seeing once. Peter Dinklage turns in a fine performance. So does Anton Yelchin, appearing on screen for the final time. Julia Ormond's performance confirms that she's one of the most underrated actresses.

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